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There are at least 7 bands called Hammerhead:
1) A noise-rock band from Fargo, North Dakota
2) A german hardcore punk band
3) A Tasmanian based melodic-hard rock band
4) A Heavy Metal band from the Netherlands active in 1983-85.
5) A Finnish Heavy Metal band from Central Finland
6) A Dutch Gabber artist named Richard Geurkoop
7) A Thrash band from S

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Zeni Geva

current members : Kazuyuki KISHINO - lead vocals, guitar, kaosspad
(a.k.a. KK Null) Mitsuru TABATA - guitar
(Lenningrad Blues Machine, Acid Mothers Temple, etc) Tatsuya YOSHIDA - drums, vocals, kaosspad
(Ruins alone, Koenji Hyakkei, etc)
ZENI GEVA is a Japanese prog-hardcore band, led by singer and guitarist KK Null, one pioneering group of innovators and legends. ZENI GEVA was founded in Tokyo in 1987 and quickly found a dedicated fan base in Europe and the US.

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Being able to operate completely outside the typical machinations of music - independent or otherwise Senator are going to carve out a sizeable niche in the sewage-infested gutters of underground rock & roll. After sending a demo tape to the infamous engineer and guitarist Steve Albini (ex-Just Ducky, Big Black, Rapeman) the legendary Nirvana producer invited the Scottish trio (Nick Middlemiss vocals/guitar, Tom Lee Bass, & Ross McLennan Drums) to his US electrical audio studios to produce their debut album "United Wire".

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Yowie, a dual-guitar and drums trio from St. Louis, have been stunning audiences with their incomparable barrage of sonic kung fu. They accelerate the progressive-rock rhythmic sensibilities of Ruins and Magma and mutate them with the shrieker side of Big Black and Slayer. The band incorporates many variations in time signature, tempo, and tuning, to create a virtual audio maze, but no matter how complex things get, their compositions remain cohesive and compelling. After releasing their debut album Cryptooology on Skin Graft, they lost a guitarist.

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Sic Alps

Sic Alps are a noise pop group from San Francisco consisting of Matt Hartman, Mike Donovan and Ty Segall. Sic Alps' sound could be described as a combination of early nineties lo-fi and Bay Area's sixties psychedelia. Even though Sic Alps are a fairly new band, they're already notorious for their exciting and energetic live performances. They have released music on Siltbreeze, Mt. St. Mtn, 777 was 666, Animal Disguise, and Skulltones.

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Fifth Column

1) All-women experimental post punk band from Toronto 2) Female fronted UK punk band from the mid 1980's
1) Fifth Column is an all-women experimental post punk band from Toronto, which came about during the early 1980s. They took the name Fifth Column after a military manoeuvre by Francisco Franco during the Spanish Civil War. Their live shows often included films played overtop of the band and a 'go-go' boy dancing. They were frequently accompanied by guest musicians who played instruments as varied as saxophone, trumpet, flute, or violin.

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Shearing Pinx

Shearing Pinx are an Experimental/Punk rock band from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Formed in 2005, the band is made up of Nic Hughes (Vocals/Guitar), Jeremy Van Wyck (Drums) and Erin Ward (Guitar). The band has over 50 releases including vinyl records, cassettes and CDs, most of which are on singer Nic Hughes' own record label Isolated Now Waves. The band is often associated with The Emergency Room venue in Vancouver and was featured in an article about Vancouver's "Weird Punk Scene" in the Canadian Music Newspaper Exclaim!.

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