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Comets On Fire

Comets on Fire are a band from Santa Cruz, California. The band was formed in 1999 by guitarist and vocalist Ethan Miller and longtime friend bassist Ben Flashman, who were seeking to create rhythmically and sonically intense music that paid no attention to categorizations. The band's self-titled debut was released in 2001 and eventually issued on the Alternative Tentacles label. Recorded on a four-track, it was a garage/psych freakout of intense if not epic proportions.

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Joe Chapman

Joe Chapman is a multi instrumentalist musician, singer, songwriter, producer and broadcaster from Oxford, England. He is the vocalist and bass guitarist with psych drone band The Neon Violets and runs Yurt Sessions which features bands, poetry, discussion and interviews broadcast live online from a Mongolian yurt. Joe is currently recording a solo album and looking for new musicians to join The Neon Violets.

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Psychic Ills

Psychic Ills is a group that became active in NYC sometime during 2003. Their sound has included a combination of rock experimentation, drones, electronic textures, and various ethnic influences. Their live shows have varied widely and have been known to have an improvised performance art element as well. The current line up consists of Elizabeth Hart, Brian Tamborello, and Tres Warren. Their 2nd album "Mirror Eye", is set to be released on January 20th of 2009 on The Social Registry label.

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Lucifer Sun

LISTEN LOUD OR WITH HEADPHONES! Input.Inner Peace.Synthesis.Noise.Drones.Self realization.The Divine.Frequencies.Wood.Meditation.Distortion.Road Trips.Fuzz. Psychonauts.Overdrive.Entheogens.Space.Valve Preamps.Phase.Weed.Oscillation.Amyl Nitrate.Repetition.Repetition.Per.Tape reels.Recording.Shortwave radios.Dopamine.Studio Dialogue.Time Travel.Mental Illness.Beat.Spiritual Healers and Medicine Men.Barcelona.Dead rooms.Hate.Percussion.William Burroughs.Peace.Create God Within.Recording.Flying.John Cale.

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Los Sundowners

a person who refuses to be governed by the established rules or practices of any group; rebel; nonconformist. This is a day and age where the West effectively resides in a lawless society governed by the constant threat of violence and destruction. The majority of which is laid on by our 'leaders'. Our 'leaders' lie to our face and make a mockery of the term Democracy. It is only natural that people begin to break away from society in droves and form their own tribes that are based on fighting for truth and fighting against this dreaded machine.

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With the vibe of early Pink Floyd, Strawberry Alarm Clock, The Electric Prunes and Spacemen 3 running through their drugged-up veins, Germany's very own Vibravoid excel at synthesizing these influences into a heavy storm of psychedelic sounds, shapes, and colors.

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Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson is an independent singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently based in western Pennsylvania. In late 2004, he released his debut - The Enigmatic Standard (EP). Thompson has since released three full albums - Allusions To A God, Score, and NoVA. Each release by Thompson has showcased a different sound in the music ranging from folk rock to electronica. His live band features Stephen Peck (ex-Zao) on drums, Dave Trinh (ex-States of Melba) on saxophone, and Tony Regola on bass.

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