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The Nova Saints

This Bristol band is on our radar thanks to the diligence of the Verve's Nick McCabe, which fits--they make the sort of bittersweet symphonies his group once described. This is Britrock at its most drowsy and forlorn; the reverb pedal is the sad-eyed Saints' only friend. Biography
The Nova Saints are a gang of five disenchanted yet ambitious mates from Hereford, relocated to Bristol, UK where they live, sleep and rehearse under the same roof.

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23frames formed in late 2004 as the result of the breakup or fragmentation of other bands, or the general dissatisfaction with same. Starting out rehearsing in a freezing, leaky studio in an old ex gin-distillery, it soon seemed that a distinctive and not unpleasing noise was beginning to emerge, echoing down the musty corridors. A set of pretty cohesive songs was soon conceived, and this set of songs was recorded in late 2006, this time in the equally salubrious setting of an east-end squat.

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The Sheepdogs

This band won the contest to be the first unsigned artist to be featured on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine. From the prairie city of Saskatoon, Canada come the Sheepdogs, 4 young gentlemen who revel in the joy of rock n roll so wholeheartedly, it's downright contagious. Sporting the long-haired looks of their musical forefathers, the lads make the most of their 2 guitars, bass and drums combo.

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Los Sundowners

a person who refuses to be governed by the established rules or practices of any group; rebel; nonconformist. This is a day and age where the West effectively resides in a lawless society governed by the constant threat of violence and destruction. The majority of which is laid on by our 'leaders'. Our 'leaders' lie to our face and make a mockery of the term Democracy. It is only natural that people begin to break away from society in droves and form their own tribes that are based on fighting for truth and fighting against this dreaded machine.

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Black Cab

Formed in 2003 Melbourne band Black Cab is singer and programmer Andrew Coates and guitarist James Lee and features live and recorded performances from a number of well known Australian musicians including drummer Richard Andrew (Registered Nurse, Underground Lovers, Crow, Princess 1.5), bassist Anthony Paine (High Pass Filter, Hired Guns), programmer Steve Law (Zen Paradox), and guitarist Alex Jarvis (Amplifier Machine, Alex Jarvis Band). Black Cab's sound is a blend of rock and electronics with shades of Europe and America in the '70's.

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The Lovetones

The Lovetones is led by Matthew J. Tow (acoustic & electric guitars / sitar / autoharp / vocals), formerly of Drop City, Colorsound and The Brian Jonestown Massacre, along with Matt Sigley (bass / keyboards / vocals) and Chris Cobb (drums / percussion). The Lovetones released their debut album, Be What You Want in 2002 through Bomp! Records, creating a palpable buzz amongst critics from the likes of Creem and Rolling Stone magazine. The latter hailed mainman Matthew J Tow's songwriting worthy of Ray Davies, Bowie, Lennon and McCartney: a bold statement, yet in his case, completely justified.

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