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Michael Palin

Member of the British comedy group Monty Python, Michael Palin is the inventor of the threat "If you don't cooperate, I will get nasty and start using some Dutch words". He wrote and appeared in the "Do Not Adjust Your Set" show in the 1960s with Terry Gilliam, Terry Jones and Eric Idle, before the quartet was eventually joined by John Cleese and Graham Chapman to form Monty Python. Michael is known as the nicest Python.

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Arse Full of Chips

- What band on their first ever show would have have The King Blues say that they were upstaged by them?
- What band with just one gig under their belts would be talked about on The Lock Up on Radio 1?
- What band the day after their first ever show would be booked for 6 more gigs?
- What sort of band would have a member cover themselves in mustard onstage? Answer: ARSE FULL OF CHIPS For more info:

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There are several artists with the name "Axewound" or "AxeWound": 1. AxeWound is a band formed in 2011 as a side project for Bullet For My Valentine frontman Matt Tuck (although here he plays lead guitar only). The band is completed by Liam Cormier of Cancer Bats (vocals), Mike Kingswood of Glamour Of The Kill (rhythm guitar), Joe Copcutt formally of Rise To Remain (bass) and Jason Bowls of Pitchshifter (drums). The band was officially unveiled on May 1 2012 on the BBC Radio 1 Rock Show with their lead single, Post Apocalyptic Party, premiered the same night.

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Aletia is South African born singer/songwriter, who now lives in London. She started her music career in her teens as a cabaretist. This included Aletia showcasing her talents in original songs; stand up, comedy, puppetry, Shakespeare and world music. Her performance highlights so far include a very unique solo cabaret performance of ‘Miss Demeanour’ in some of London’s top theatres. Also touring the world with her music where she was invited to perform at the Cabaret Conference in Yale, USA and performances in Italy, France and Japan.

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Richard Herring

Richard Keith Herring (born July 12, 1967) is a British comedian and writer formerly best known as part of Lee and Herring, a double act with Stewart Lee. Other notable works include the radio series, That Was Then, This Is Now and various live shows including the acclaimed Talking Cock and the resulting book of the same name. Herring was born in Yorkshire but grew up in Cheddar, Somerset, and was educated at St. Catherine's College, Oxford, where he wrote and performed for a comic troupe known as the Seven Raymonds as well as the Fringe favourites the Oxford Revue.

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Chris Moyles

Chris Moyles is a Sony Gold award winning British radio DJ, who currently hosts the BBC Radio 1 breakfast show, 'The Chris Moyles Show'. Other on-air contributors are sidekick Comedy Dave, Producer Aled Haydn Jones, Day producer Sam (replacing Rachel in 2010) and newsreader Dominic Byrne and Tina Daheley who has very recently replaced longtime sportscaster Carrie Prideux (nee Davies) who left on maternity leave and, possibly, for good

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Their are several Cowards. 1. A British Audio Comedy Sketch Show played on BBC Radio Four. 2. Cowards (USA) are a two piece Power Electronics act out of New York, featuring a member of The Cathode Terror Secretion. 3. Sludge band from Syracuse, New York 4. Post Punk band from Canada

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