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Gavin Osborn

Gavin Osborn's plan for his second record was to make an upbeat album, filled with positive songs to perk us all up in these troubled times. But the plan failed, and 'Meeting Your Heroes' is essentially about love, heartbreak and nostalgia. Which is far better. Featuring a collection of live favourites including 'Charlie's 18th Birthday'', 'Sweet Bedford' and 'FM2030', the story of a cryogenically-frozen ex-basketball player.

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Larry the Cable Guy

Daniel Lawrence Whitney (born February 17, 1963 in Pawnee City, Nebraska), better known by the stage name Larry the Cable Guy, is an American stand-up comedian and one of the co-stars of the Blue Collar Comedy Tour and the subsequent series Blue Collar TV. He starred in the feature-length movie Larry the Cable Guy: Health Inspector, and will soon star alongside close friend Bill Engvall in the upcoming film Delta Farce.

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Darth Vegas

Australian avant-garde or experimental band whose music evokes 50s B-grade horror film and deranged circus mayhem, somewhat in the same vein of Mr. Bungle. Darth Vegas is lead by Michael Lira, formally from Vicious Hairy Mary.. Thus far the band has only released one official studio album but still tour locally with a 7-piece-band. Many of the members are currently working on The Tango Saloon on Mike Patton's label. Darth Vegas released "Brainwashing For Dirty Minds" in 2012.

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Three Bonzos And A Piano

In 2009 the former Bonzo Dog Band members Roger Ruskin Spear, Rodney Slater, Sam Spoons teamed up with founder "Bob Kerr And His Whoopee Band" chum Dave Glasson to continue creating fun, music and mayhem in the spirit of the Bonzos. "We are just a small part of the bonzos - a sort of 'Bash Street Bonzos'!" (said Roger, at their first show) Sam played with Dave in the Whoopee Band in the 60s and 70s and then formed Tatty Ollity with Roger and Dave. Tags: 
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Beatallica The project was founded in 2001 by original guitarist "Krk Hammetson" and singer "Jaymz Lennfield". The EP A Garage Dayz Nite was recorded for the annual Spoof Fest concert held in Milwaukee, as a memento of that year's concert. A few dozen copies of the EP were handed out to friends. Later that year, one of those CDs made its way to Milwaukee resident David Dixon, who created a web page that included mp3s of the songs and named the band "Beatallica".

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There are at least two bands called "Blindside".
1. Band from Stockholm, Sweden.
2. 90s Straight Edge Hardcore band from Pennsylvania, USA. Members went on to form Stillwater and Atari.
3. Band from Australia (1992 - 1995) that appeared on the Summershine label. 1. Blindside is a / band from Stockholm. They formed in 1994 as "underFree" and kept that name for two years before releasing their debut EP in 1996.

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