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Zoo Kid

Zoo Kid (born Archy Marshall in 1994) is an English dub/new wave/psychobilly artist from Southeast London, United Kingdom. The '$QUALITY' E.P was finally released in 2009, and it expresses different events and stories that have occurred in Archy's life. He released his debut single, Out Getting Ribs on House Anxiety Records in April 2010. Recorded and mixed in his bedroom with his friends Francis North and Thelonius McCabe, his music has been likened to Morrissey and Edwyn Collins.

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From Here, We Run!

Sweetnatured math-pop newcomers From Here We Run (Nightshift) From Here, We Run! are 3 brunettes and 1 blonde from oxford who all like cycles, structures, living and breathing. They like pretty melodies, strange sounds and patterns - somehow music could be a vessel for that. Nightshift's PUNT '09 on May 13th will feature performances from the likes of
'From here we run,'
'Dial F for frankenstein,'
and, 'The Winchell Riots.'

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The Beach Boys

The Beach Boys are a pop and rock music group formed in Hawthorne, California in 1961, who are widely considered to be one of the most influential bands in rock and pop music history. They have recorded dozens of Top 40 hits (including four US #1 singles), many best-selling albums, and were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1988. The original group comprised singer-musician-composer Brian Wilson, his brothers Carl Wilson and Dennis Wilson, their cousin Mike Love, friend Al Jardine, and David Marks.

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Night beats

Night Beats currently hail from Seattle but as two of the three members are originally from Texas, it's not hard to pick out the influence of golden age TX psych idols such as the 13th Floor Elevators, Lost and Found and Golden Dawn.

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Seattle Washington's Seapony, comprised of Jen Weidl (Vocals, Guitar), Danny Rowland (guitar) & Ian Brewer (Bass). Their first release was the 3-song single Dreaming followed by their debut album, Go With Me (released by Hardly Art) which puts Jen Weidl's youthful melancholia and yearning on display and wraps it in a blanket of twee/surf/jangle pop.

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League came together in 2002 in Fredonia, New York. Motivated by the incessant and inevitable passage of time, they immediately committed themselves to the work of an independent band and have not looked back since. For the first year of their existence, they performed at every possible opportunity, determined to spread their music across upstate New York and western Pennsylvania.
That persistence paid off, as their infectiously energetic live shows soon earned them a loyal regional following. By the spring of 2003, League felt ready to expand their geographical reach.

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Nancy Vandal

Nancy Vandal is a punk band from Sydney, Australia that performed from 1993 to 2001 and had a reunion performance in 2003 and have, as of December 2008, planned a reunion and new EP for 2009. The band was initially called Hard Axe To Follow, then Nancy Vandal and the Popgun Assassins, but the last part of the name was later dropped. Nancy Vandal was formed by Warrane College students Foxtrotsky/Fox Trotsky and JJ LaMoore as a strictly pretend band as neither of them could play an instrument. Eventually the pair formed a real band called Meataxe that played on campus.

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Carnival Collective

Carnival Collective are a 30 to 50 piece band from Brighton in the United Kingdom. Constantly evolving and changing, they moved quickly from their origins as a purely percussive group to a highly dynamic and original band comprising a full horn section, vocalists, guitar, bass and electronics; all of this backed up by their massed ranks of percussionists.
Their performances at Glastonbury and other music festivals are legendary as are their occasional street parades with a full mobile sound system.

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