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Jueri Gagarino

composition / live /dj-concepts Jueri Gagarino is one of the most interesting artists in the field of innovative DJ work combined with live concepts from classical music to electronic club sound. His compositions have a range from classical chamber formations to solo percussion mixed with live electronics.
Gagarino´also involved in projects with traditional music (so - with the outstanding Aufi singer Sheikh Arabi Faragh in "OrientOccident", a piece for Sufi musicians and western chamber ensemble, comissioned be the "Deutschlandfunk" radio,.

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Paul Hardcastle

British synth player, born December 10, 1958. Enjoyed success on the scene in the early 80's before breaking into the mainstream with "19", an international smash which spent five weeks at number one in the UK. In the latter half of the 1980s he specialised in work. He made the theme tunes for Top of The Pops and Saturday Live, popular British entertainment shows. Paul now records mainly under the pseudonym Jazzmasters. Early tracks of note include the popular 'Rain Forest' and 'King Tut', both were big dance hits in the U.S.

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Pati Yang

Pati Yang is one of Poland's most acclaimed electronic artists who released a critically revered album at 18 years old; a beguiling beauty whose sirenesque tones and joy of experimentation in music and the arts have earned her artistic acclaim, commercial success and stadium tour support for Depeche Mode. Pati was born in Poland but spent the first 6 years of her life on tour with her mother

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Abis ABIS, a project started in 2000 by recording engineer Costin Dumitrache and architect Marina Gingirof as a mix between trip-pop dreamscapes and psychedelic guitar riffs; everything spiced up with cool keyboards arrangements, theremin explorations and ethereal Marinas voice. During 2005 , 15 years old keyboardist Horatiu Serbanescu joined the project. He's studing classical music and add a flavour of classy sounds and noises.

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juergen groezinger

Jürgen Grözinger ist klassischer Perkussionist, DJ, Komponist und Kurator eines Festivals für zeitgenössische Musik.
Nach dem Musikstudiumin München und Stuttgart initiierte er schon früh innovative, die Grenzen zwischen den Kunstgattungen und Musikstilen durchdringende Projekte und gründete diverse Ensembles.
Wichtigste Formation wurde das Ensemble European Music Project (EMP).
Seit einigen Jahren ist er künstlerischer Leiter des Festivals „neue musik im stadthaus ulm“. Hier schuf er eine Plattform für sein Anliegen, aktuelle Musik in unterschiedlichsten Ausrichtungen zu präsentieren.

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Feeding Fingers

Feeding Fingers is a trio fronted by artist, musician, author and animator, Justin Curfman. The band was founded in 2006 in Atlanta, Georgia, but has since relocated to Germany. Formation (2006) Justin Curfman, an award-winning animator/filmmaker from Atlanta, Georgia. He had written and produced pieces of music that never found a place in any of his films. With support from guitar/bass player, Todd Caras and percussionist, Danny Hunt, Justin Curfman formed a band to rearrange the pieces as songs and play them live.

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Broken Twin

Broken Twin is the synonym of a young woman (Majke Voss Romme) with good stories to tell and a magical way of doing so. Drawing upon the eerie sounds of the Northern hemisphere and musically influenced by acts such as Feist, Nico and Anthony and the Johnsons her simple setup of bass, piano, guitar, vocals and percussion intertwines in a whirlwind of creaking pianobenches, floating vocals and cantankerous guitars.

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