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There are two artists named Parlour: (1): Mid-west post-rock group
(2): Swedish project releasing balearic/cosmic edits With regards to (1):
Parlour grew out of the Kentucky art/post-rock scene that produced such talents as Slint, Papa M, the Kilowatthours, and My Morning Jacket. The group layers gentle guitar chords, warm synthesizers, and down-tempo beats with Krautrock influences for multi-textured grooves that would make perfect company for Tortoise.

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From Light To Sound

From Light To Sound are a band from Oxford and London formed in 2008, featuring members of The Workhouse, Sunnyvale Noise Sub-element, The Evenings, Intentions of an Asteroid and Thumb Quintet. Drawing influence from the likes of Harmonia, Holy Fuck, Do Make Say Think and Neu!, their music twists and builds on the finest examples of krautrock, post-rock and instrumental art rock.

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Lord Numb

Lord Numb started his musical journey at the age of 13 in his first band 'The Rotting Corpse'.
He chopped his first bass up with a fire axe live on stage in his school hall. His headmaster was not exactly chuffed.

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Goat is the name of more than one artist: 1:Chris Gates, better known as goat, is a video game remixer who has many many power metal and synth metal remixes of songs from Castlevania, though he has also remixed several other games including Final Fantasy 4 and Super Metroid, and he has created some originals. His website hosts copies of most of his songs, including his recently finished project "Unchosen Paths", which remixes the entire soundtrack of Castlevania 3, and also its prequels in two bonus medleys.

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Turzi is a French band led by Romain Turzi. Their first album "A" came out in 2007 on Record Makers (after an LP "Made under Authority" produced by Romain Turzi alone and released on the same label) Played with the instruments of Rock (drums, guitars, bass, synths), Turzi define their own music as 'rock disciplinaire' (disciplinary rock), as each track is structured around a rhythm and different sound patterns which are repeated, amplified and modified as each piece is played.

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[1] Belgian pioneers of and -. Also known as The Klinik. See also Dive, Sonar, Monolith. In 1985, Verhaeghen joined forces with two other bands, Absolute Body Control (with Dirk Ivens and Eric van Wonterghem), and "The Maniacs" (Sandy Nys) to form one "super group" Absolute Controlled Clinical Maniacs. This rather unwieldy name was soon dropped in favour of the shorter name "The Klinik". Nys soon left the band to form Hybryds, followed in 1987 by van Wonterghem, leaving The Klinik as the "classic" duo of Dirk Ivens and Marc Verhaeghen.

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