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Bushman's Revenge

Bushman's Revenge is a Norwegian free jazz group, consisting of: Even Helte Hermansen (Shining) - Guitar
Rune Nergaard (Marvel Machine, Bullet, Team Hegdal) - Bass
Gard Nilssen (Puma, Heidi Skjerve Quintet) - Drums. Bushman's Revenge aims to combine the jazz/improv background of the rhythm section with the rock/metal background of the guitarist to create their own expressive music inspired just as much by Black Sabbath and Jimi Hendrix as by Ornette Coleman and Albert Ayler.

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Dementio13 is a Cardiff-based producer/remixer; recording solo since 1999. His music is a curious mix of Krautrock-influenced drones, experimental electro, film soundtracks, post-rock, drum n bass and psychedelia. Dementio13 often deletes his older releases which no longer 'fit' his musical vision; in his own words, "Music is temporary." His back-catalogue is always changing.
He has also been involved in collaborative projects with the international duo Cwtch, the music collective, Sal Boca and his other solo project Diebenkorn.

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There is more than one artist using this name: 1. kREEPA was founded in 2000 by John Richards and Hilary Jeffery and began with recordings where extended instrumental improvisations were combined with simple electronic textures. The recorder player Cesar Villavicencio joined the group in 2000. Recording continued throughout 2001 at kreepastudio in Leicester (UK), including sessions with the contrabass recorder player Cesar Villavicencio and the phenomenal saxophonist Paul Dunmall. These original recordings became part of two limited edition CD-R releases.

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Seijiro Murayama

Seijiro Murayama (村山政二朗) is percussionnist, drummer and improviser from Japan. He has worked with Fred Frith, Tom Cora, Keiji Haino (Fushitsusha), KK Null since 1982. Now he lives in Paris, France and works with several projects/bands such as:
- ANP (Absolut Null Punkt) with KK Null
- Trio Lo with Thierry Madiot, Pascal Battus
- Duos with Eric Cordier (hardy gardy), Jerome Noetinger (dispositif electro acoustique), Antez (percussion), Naoaki Miyamoto (guitar), Jean-luc Guionnet (alto sax)

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Roger Kleier

Roger Kleier is a composer, guitarist, and improviser who began playing electric guitar at age thirteen after discovering Captain Beefheart and Jimi Hendrix on the radio airwaves of Los Angeles. He studied composition at North Texas State University and the University of Southern California, and has developed a unique style that draws equally from improvisation, contemporary classical music, and the American guitar traditions of blues, jazz, and rock.

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Dans Les Arbres

Guitarist Ivar Grydeland and percussionist Ingar Zach, prime movers and catalysts for free improvised music in Norway, got in touch with Christian Wallumrød after hearing his “Sofienberg Variations” on ECM and they have since worked together in diverse combinations including, since 2004, ‘Dans les arbres’ a project completed by French clarinettist Xavier Charles. Their radical all-acoustic improvisation explores sonorities and textures that frequently sound electronic, and also often sounds ‘composed’ – with echoes of Cage and the New York School.

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The Belgian / Dutch electric guitar quartet ZWERM was founded in 2007. The starting point of the four musicians of ZWERM is their common interest for new music: composed, improvised, experimental and performative. The awareness of the similarities between these different elements and the challenge of presenting them in a meaningful way is very important. In the twentieth century the electric guitar has proved to be the instrument of 'low culture' and underground music. Nevertheless, it has found its way to composed music only very recently.

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