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There are multiple artists to be found under the name Noah: [1] Noah was an American late 60's psychedelic rock band. Their only recorded album was not released until 1995. [2] Noah is Jens Buchert ( ). [3] Noah is a dutch allround coverband based in Nijmegen. The line-up consists of: Robert (voc, git)
Chantal van Brummelen (voc)
Vincent (dr, perc)
Michiel (git, voc)
Kobus Groen (b, voc)
Berry (key, voc)

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The Witches

There can be more than one band this this name. Namely:
*The Manchester, UK based band
*The Israeli girl rock band.
*The Ska-punk band from South Korea.
*The garage-rock tempest from Detroit, USA. The Witches formed in Manchester, UK late 2007. The line up was Gib Lyn, Trebor Smith, Karl Starchild Astbury and Walt Gilbert. Mostat James joined the band adding keyboards and samples in 2009. (2 underscores!) Some reviews for Manchester band The Witches -

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Supreme Dicks

Underground avant-garde alternative rock band of the 1980s and 1990s. Originally based in Amherst, Massachusetts at Hampshire College, and at times also based in New York City, Seattle and Los Angeles. Arose in the same college musical scene that gave birth to Dinosaur Jr and also associated with the early grunge movement, especially the Seattle grunge bands including Nirvana. Known for four albums, very noisy concerts and band members' disputatious and disruptive attitude.

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Mary Epworth and The Jubilee Band

Mary Epworth and The Jubilee Band are fronted by English singer songwriter Mary Epworth who makes folk music inflected with 60's psychedelia, signed to Hand of Glory records.
The Saddle Song is out now on Hand of Glory Records, also home to The Outdoor Types, David Ledden and Adapter Adapter. A home-produced limited run of 70 hand-printed cds, "The Two Deer E.P." was made for a German/Swiss tour in jan 2008, and is now available for free download. A full album follows soon.

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NonHorse is the crux of most human difficulty, a semantic anomaly ferociously battled by analog foundsound/circuitbent/tapenoise artist G. Lucas Crane ever since his unwittingly contradictory recognition of this, the aforementioned crux. Mr. Crane has been barely surviving performances, both solo and in support of bands including Dufus, Woods, Castanets, and Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice, since the turn of the century. Beware, and attentive.

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Howlin' Rain

This Northern Ca group was formed in 2004 by Ethan Miller of Comets On Fire with Ian Gradek. John Moloney (of Sun burnt hand of the man) joined the group to record the first album, self titled and released by Birdman Records. This has caught comparisons with the early Grateful Dead and the ear of label impresario Rick Rubin. Upon Moloney's departure in 2006 the group was recreated to record "Magnificent Fiend", co-released by Birdman and American Records in 2008.

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Selda (Selda Ba?can, born 1948 in Mu?la, Turkey) is a Turkish wonder, heroine of the anatolian invasion; a powerful voice and charged lyrics gave her the moniker of "the Joan Baez of Turkey". She's a protest-singer and an activist, and belongs to the Alevi religious and cultural minority. check the b-music/finders keepers reissue of her self titled 70s album for a mind blowing explosion of psychedelic radical folk pop. selda is a revalatory and groovy in new ways experience for your earhole.

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