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Joe Chapman

Joe Chapman is a multi instrumentalist musician, singer, songwriter, producer and broadcaster from Oxford, England. He is the vocalist and bass guitarist with psych drone band The Neon Violets and runs Yurt Sessions which features bands, poetry, discussion and interviews broadcast live online from a Mongolian yurt. Joe is currently recording a solo album and looking for new musicians to join The Neon Violets.

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Cow Parade Cow

Cow Parade Cow began as the solo recording project of 22 year old Mike Litton, born from the thriving Perth music scene in Western Australia. His first release was the full album-length "To the North" (2010) which was initially only intended as a collection of CD-Rs to be shared among friends. However, after a series of international blogs stumbled across the bandcamp website, a larger audience was found.

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Flower Corsano Duo

Flower-Corsano Duo consists of Vibracathedral Orchestra's Michael Flower playing electric shaahi baaja, and drummer Chris Corsano. The duo's releases are 7" single The Undisputed Dimension, and full-length LP/CD The Radiant Mirror (both 2007). Flower-Corsano Duo has also played live. Both musicians have played on a large number of other records: Michael Flower has played on records by Vibracathedral Orchestra, Sunroof! (with Matthew Bower), Hototogisu (with Matthew Bower and Marcia Bassett), Skullflower (with Matthew Bower), and under his own name.

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NonHorse is the crux of most human difficulty, a semantic anomaly ferociously battled by analog foundsound/circuitbent/tapenoise artist G. Lucas Crane ever since his unwittingly contradictory recognition of this, the aforementioned crux. Mr. Crane has been barely surviving performances, both solo and in support of bands including Dufus, Woods, Castanets, and Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice, since the turn of the century. Beware, and attentive.

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HaiKai No Ku Mike Vest (Bong/Drunk in Hell) - Guitar/Vox
Jerome Smith (Charles Dexter Ward/Female Borstal) - Bass
Sam Booth (Foot Hair/Rife) - Drums -:Releases:- Demo I - At War With False Noise - CS /50
Demo II - Fuckin' Amateurs - CDr /50
No Blue Sky - Fuckin' Amateurs - CDr /50
In the Haze - Visual Volume - CS

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First formed back in the 1990s, UK based artist "Macrocosm" (Mike Letchford) started life producing ambient music, but moved into experimental "intelligent" dance music and a period of drum and bass. Featured as "demo of the month" in April 1996 edition of Future Music magazine (with the song "Choral Reefer", he joined the label Protean Vision Quest in 1997 (along with artists like Gnomadic) supplying music for the "Ancient Alien" video, and regularly performing in Brighton and as part of a UK "Ambisonix 3D Sound" tour (along with the band Quanta).

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(1) Bloomer (London) bratty indie pop (2) Bloomer are an experimental psych/emo band from Harford County, Maryland. (3) Bloomer (Wade Clarke) produced a handful of videogame soundtrack remixes between 2003 and 2005. 'Proxima Path' from 'Terminal Velocity' (Mac/PC) is hosted on OCRemix ( 'Leanderesque' from 'Leander' (Amiga) is available from Wade's site (

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Blood Beach

In the year 2012, Satan faces declining popularity and certain defeat at the hands of thee reinvigorated Christian Militia. As the final days before the apocalypse tick down, Satan makes a last ditch effort to win the war for evil. He sends back his favorite band of psychotic, LSD-soaked, metaphysically amorphous androids to recruit kids for the dark side through space, drugs, and rock and roll. That band is known as thee mighty, electric Blood Beach.

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