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Adrian & Adrian, two guys from Zurich started off with music just
like everyone else by trying several instruments and scratching on
grandfather’s turntable, nothing special about that. Both were born
in the mid 80’s when the techno and house community was rising to
the top. 90’s dance, hip-hop & house stuff influenced one of them. The other
half was more into melodic sounds and Europe based techno. On the
road as solo artists they met in 2008, found mutual connection with
their interpretations and became dj & production partners.

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Argyris Theofilis, aka Argy, is one the brightest rising stars in modern dance music. Not many artists have achieved so much in one year since the first release. Born in Rhodes in 1985, Argy moved to London in 2003 to focus more on music. With his roots in bossanova and New York house, he began djing at the age of 14. Only in the recent London years he expanded his music tastes towards a more electronic sound developing special abilities as producer. In 2005, the highly-respected Poker Flat Recordings released his first EP, Love Dose, with a superb remix by Luciano on the flip side.

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Leon is a DJ (Viva Music Label) Leon is a very inventful artist. He likes to express his emotions in his music and let other people be influenced by the sounds he makes. He is a large fan of heavy metal and he especially like metallica!
Influences include Adam Appleby (LEGEND) Leon is also a japanese Visual Kei Band.

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