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King Conquer

King Conquer is a deathcore band from Naples, Florida,
United States. They released a self titled CD in 2008, a CD entitled "Welcome To Hell" in 2009 and the "Decomposing Normality" EP in 2010. Their sophomore album "America's Most Haunted" was released November 9th, 2010 on Mediaskare Records. Current Line Up: James Mislow - Vocals
Chris Whited - Drums/Vocals
Adam Whited - Bass
John Byrd - Guitar
Hazel Vazquez - Guitar

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We Butter The Bread With Butter

We Butter the Bread with Butter is a deathcore band from Lübben (Brandenburg), Germany. Founded in 2007, the founding member Marcel Neumann was originally the guitarist in Martin Kesici's band. The band creates a very unique form of Deathcore that incorporates Electronica elements. Almost all of the songs by the duo are covers of German nursery rhymes. They claim to draw influence from Waking The Cadaver, Annotations of an Autopsy and Job For A Cowboy. Bandmembers:

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Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her hails from Long Island, New York and was formed in late May of 2008. The band consists of original members, Jason Graham – Vocals, Steve Brown – Guitar and Anthony Locastro –Drums. After several attempts with different bassist, Dan Vasek completed the band’s line up in the of beginning September 2010. By their unique blending of Death Metal, Hardcore and Progressive generes, they have been making an impact on the east coast heavy metal scene.

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The Juliet Massacre

The Juliet Massacre is a band from Italy. The band was formed by aNTOMEGA (Vocals) and PeLLe (Drums) in april, 2006. Soon after they aquired GiuBBino (Bass), Losk (Guitars) and
. The band has influences from death metal, metalcore and deathcore to bring together the Italian strain of deathcore. They fuse together the deep growls with screams of the vocalist, the raging guitars with fluttering solos and the furious drums with breakdowns perfectly executed.

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Boris The Blade

Boris The Blade is a five piece death metal band from Melbourne Australia. Since releasing its debut EP Tides of Damnation in 2011, Boris the Blade has demanded attention across Australia and internationally, known for punishing blast beats, bone-crunching breakdowns and powerfully disturbing lyrics. Boris the Blade has destroyed all boundaries of the Australian metal music scene. Tides of Damnation featuring CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder and Kyson shepherd of Signal The Firing Squad has come to be a more mature sounding EP which will fans bruised and wanting more.

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Sensory Amusia

Sensory Amusia are a 4 piece outfit from Perth, Australia experimenting with all aspects of heavy music. Crushing 7 string guitars and 6 string bass deliver a relentless wave of discordant mayhem and technical groove. Team that up with numerous time signature changes and complex drum syncopations, topped off with guttural and aggressive vocals, Sensory Amusia are a force to be reckoned with.

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Paradise in Exile

Paradise in Exile is an Australian death metal band from Perth, Western AU. They formed in 2010 and have so far released a five-track demo entitled Desecration in 2011 and currently are preparing an EP for a 2012 release. The current line-up for the band is:
Vocals: Dustin Bonfield
Guitar: Lewis Dodson
Guitar: Travis Degois
Bass: Cameron Broad
Drums: Callum Waters

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3 bands are named Cholera: 1. Cholera is a band from Cleveland Ohio. Signing to Compton Records in early 08, they released an EP called "The Answer To Infection". Now, a few drummers later, Cholera is back in the studio, recording new music for pressing. Johnny Appleseed? 2. Cholera is a Industrial Black Metal/ Dark Ambient band from Finland formed in 2005 and has released a demo in 2005 called Kolkko then later in 2005 released a full length titled Kolkko II - Soundtrack of Oppression.

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Burning the Masses

Burning The Masses is a technical deathcore band formed in 2006 out of San Diego, California. Burning the masses started out by self-releasing their demo in 2006, and has been trying to make a good name out of themselves by playing shows in the Westcoast. They then signed to Mediaskare Records(As blood runs black, silent civilian,belay my last) and released their EP entiled "Volatile Existence" and is expected to release a full-length album entidled "Mind Control" in late summer/fall of 2008 on Mediaskare Records.

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