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1)2012 is a romanian hip hop band. The members of the band are Aforic, ADN, SubSapte and Sagace Snephrue. In November 2009 they released the first album. They collaborated on this material with ARMADA, SPECII, GORETEX, DJ SCHEPSIS, GENERAL TRIX, DJ SAUCE, HIERO, DJ FAIBO X, OKN, VITREG, MR.TWEAKS, GRIGO, SEZ, HOCHII, ROC MARCIANO. 2) There is also a deathcore band by this name from USA. They have one release, titled "These Final Hours."

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Originating in Gibraltar, Daor received critical acclaim after a number of successful live shows in their hometown and in Spain. Since their arrival in the UK, Daor have firmly established themselves in Nottingham's burgeoning Metal Scene.
Wielding a sickening combination of brutal riffs and haunting melodies, Daor provide an onstage experience of blistering intensity and technical precision that grapples with an untameable explosion of live energy.
Revel in this most perfect expression of scorn... This is humanity's lesson in humility.

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I Declare War

I Declare War is a deathcore band from Seattle, Washington currently signed with Artery Recordings and have four full-length albums released and even a Christmas special EP. Jamie Hanks- Vocals
Gordon McPherson - Bass
John Winters - Guitar
Colin Bradford - Drums Former members:
Christopher Fugate - Guitar
Evan Hughes - Guitar
Ryan Cox - Drums
Brent Eaton:Bass
Zack Ring: Bass
Randy Carpenter:Drums
Jake Paulson:Guitars
Jonathan Huber:Vocals

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Upon A Burning Body

Upon A Burning Body was started by accident "A Side project gone wrong." These San Antonio, Texas natives mix brutal breakdowns with catchy two steps and heavy blast beats. After changing many members over time, they finally found a concrete line up. They have managed to dominate the Texas metal scene, and earned themselves a signing to the Sumerian Records family. They are known for their intensely brutal and fast sections combined with breakdowns and gang chants to match and top the best in the game. They have also become known for powerful and violent live shows.

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Boris The Blade

Boris The Blade is a five piece death metal band from Melbourne Australia. Since releasing its debut EP Tides of Damnation in 2011, Boris the Blade has demanded attention across Australia and internationally, known for punishing blast beats, bone-crunching breakdowns and powerfully disturbing lyrics. Boris the Blade has destroyed all boundaries of the Australian metal music scene. Tides of Damnation featuring CJ McMahon of Thy Art Is Murder and Kyson shepherd of Signal The Firing Squad has come to be a more mature sounding EP which will fans bruised and wanting more.

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Death Becomes Her

Death Becomes Her hails from Long Island, New York and was formed in late May of 2008. The band consists of original members, Jason Graham – Vocals, Steve Brown – Guitar and Anthony Locastro –Drums. After several attempts with different bassist, Dan Vasek completed the band’s line up in the of beginning September 2010. By their unique blending of Death Metal, Hardcore and Progressive generes, they have been making an impact on the east coast heavy metal scene.

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Burning the Masses

Burning The Masses is a technical deathcore band formed in 2006 out of San Diego, California. Burning the masses started out by self-releasing their demo in 2006, and has been trying to make a good name out of themselves by playing shows in the Westcoast. They then signed to Mediaskare Records(As blood runs black, silent civilian,belay my last) and released their EP entiled "Volatile Existence" and is expected to release a full-length album entidled "Mind Control" in late summer/fall of 2008 on Mediaskare Records.

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And Hell Followed With

And Hell Followed With was an American deathcore band. The group formed in Detroit, Michigan in 2006 and split in 2010 eight months after the front man Nick Holland announced he would be parting ways with the band. As of 2012 the band announced that they would play one last show at The Jamboree in Toledo, OH. They've stated that there are no plans to ever play another show. They released two full-length albums before their disestablishment.

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