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Abandon All Ships

Abandon All Ships is a electronic-hardcore band founded in 2006 in Toronto, Ontario. Originally, playing covers of Norma Jean songs and having gone through many different band members, most of them attending Dante Alighieri Catholic Secondary, including lead vocalist, Angelo Aita and keyboardist, Sebastian Cassisi-Nunez and their first bassist Francesco Pallota, they eventually toured and opened for many post-hardcore bands such as Silverstein. They quickly became popular on the Internet through MySpace, and were noticed even more after their appearance on the Much Music program Disband.

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Abandon All Ships!

They have shared the stage on tour with some great bands such as Blessed By A Broken Heart, Miss May I, These Sihlouettes, Hometown Beatdown, Buried and Breathing and many more to come. Playing and touring throughout eastern Canada Abandon All Ships has acquired many fans throughout the country and is increasingly becoming more popular in the United States and all over the world. Less talk, more DANCING! Band lineup includes 6 members:
Angelo on Vocals
Kyler & Andrew on Guitar

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eXopilots is a Stafford, UK based trance/metal band formed in January 2007 by Founding member Matthew Pratt. The line-up consists of Matthew Pratt (drums), Chris Skipper (lead vocals), James Paris (guitars) and Martyn Pratt (bass). From an early stage Media interest was relatively high for them - being played on the radio 1 Switch show as the house band, appearing on the front cover of local magazine Unsigned and were short-listed by members of the Scuzz forums to play at the Bloodstock Festival.

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There is more than one artist under the name of Signum 1. Signum from Netherlands
2. Signum from Serbia
3. SignuM from Lithuania (rock band) Signum is the combination of two talented producers in the European music industry. They are Pascal Minnaard, (age 29) and Ronald Hagen (also age 29). Both live in Zoetermeer, a little city nearby Hague, their home base in Netherlands. Pascal & Ron first met each other in high school.

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Shoot the Girl First

Shoot The Girl First was created in September 2010 by Felon and quickly joined by Julie, Nathan, and Mathieu. They self-produced their first Demo of 5 songs. Shortly after that they started playing live during local shows in South of France. The Beginning of 2011 was filled with inspiration. After months of composing, recording and mastering Shoot The Girl First got out their first EP - "They Have Clocks, We Have Time", as well as their first video clip to the song “Last Breath for a Capulet", which reached over 140,000 views on youtube within its 2 month release.

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Capture the Crown

CAPTURE THE CROWN is a band from Sydney, Australia, formed in 2010. Their debut album Til Death is set for release on December 18, 2012 through Sumerian Records, to be sold exclusively at Hot Topic. This youthful quintet want nothing more than to create a sound which can move fans from the very first riff to the last. Their motto is live fast, play fast, party fast. For CAPTURE THE CROWN, their fans come first; they create music not only for themselves but most importantly their fans.

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