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Eskimo Callboy

'Eskimo Callboy' don't have anything in common with people in the Arctic region or lightly clad male companions. You could imagine it, though. They are a 6-piece post-hardcore band from
Castrop-Rauxel, Germany. After Daniel, Pascal, Kevin, Daniel and Micha already reached some achievements with their old bands and among other things supported artists like Machinemade God or Callejón, they searched for a new challenge. At the beginning of 2010, they formed Eskimo Callboy along with Sebastian aka Sushi.

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Enter Shikari

Enter Shikari are a four-piece rock band from St Albans, Hertfordshire, England. Inspired by hardcore (in both the punk-rock and dance version of the word), drum'n'bass / dubstep, metal, premium strength lager and the web movie 'Zeitgeist', Enter Shikari make a music that tries its best to defy each of the tags people seem intent on forcing on it.
Despite being offered several major label record deals...

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Dividing The Line

Dividing The Line are a Post Hardcore / Electronic based band from Worcester, United Kingdom. Signed to Small Town Records, they have released their debut EP "Foundations" along with a video for "Thrive Time".
The Band:
Jack Hughes - Synth/Voice/Guitar
Andy Davies - Riffs
????? - Bass
Dean Hickton - Throat
Jamie Davies - Drums

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Jamie's Elsewhere

Jamie's Elsewhere is from Sacramento, California, and was formed after the demise of Mozart Season in 2005 and are currently signed to Victory Records. Their sound is mellower than Mozart Season was, but still incorporate keyboard/piano elements. Some have compared Jamie's Elsewhere with bands such as Chiodos because of the ambient rock sound combined with raw screams and vocal variation. However, on their latest album, They Said a Storm Was Coming, their sound has been compared to the flourishing sound which hosts bands like Of Mice & Men and Asking Alexandria.

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