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Road to Ransome

Road to Ransome was spawned in mid-2010, when Nath contacted Jake to begin a metal/hardcore band. Charlie joined on bass, and Ben was discovered screaming Parkway Drive songs at a random house party. Bec and Sam joined from the band We Are Dreamers, on keys and rhythm respectively, to give the band their unique, catchy-yet-brutal sound!

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Eleventh He Reaches London

Proudly not duking the stats since 2002. "Their music takes you on a very long walk, punctuated by storms and lulls. Towards that distant land whose name is Australia." ( ) Eleventh He Reaches London hail from Perth, Western Australia; a vast area of land separated from the rest of the country by an expanse of desert. This isolation has afforded Eleventh the luxury of being able to grow organically, independent of trends often present in larger communities.

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A self described screamo band from Leeds, UK. They are arguably a post-hardcore band and appeal to fans of that genre, such as We Came As Romans, Attack Attack! (USA), Abandon All Ships, Woe, Is me etc.
Although they are relatively unknown online, they are slowly but surely building and securing a fan base having only launched on 16/8/2011. Fans have shown great interest, having stated Calore's potential and level of amazement at their music on social networking sites.

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Jamie's Elsewhere

Jamie's Elsewhere is from Sacramento, California, and was formed after the demise of Mozart Season in 2005 and are currently signed to Victory Records. Their sound is mellower than Mozart Season was, but still incorporate keyboard/piano elements. Some have compared Jamie's Elsewhere with bands such as Chiodos because of the ambient rock sound combined with raw screams and vocal variation. However, on their latest album, They Said a Storm Was Coming, their sound has been compared to the flourishing sound which hosts bands like Of Mice & Men and Asking Alexandria.

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