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Namito is one of the most pleasant DJs you could hope to meet. Far from the wannabe stars that dominate the scene Namito truly loves his career and relishes every moment he spends playing or producing. While other DJs strive for fame and recognition, Namitos down_to_earth attitude and approach to his music make him one of the few real DJ_Artists. Rarely do you find such a dedicated individual, the man goes to bed with his logic audio manual for gods sake!

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Luca Bacchetti

Born on 14th August 1973, Italy. Luca Bacchetti had his start in the italian hip hop scene, and by age 18 he starting his own radio show on club culture in Italy. He has a unique and open style in music most closely resembling house, tech-house, and minimal, but also dabbling into breaks, drum-n-bass and more. He quickly began to travel getting in touch with the international music scene and in
particular the Drum'n'bass British scene.

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Jens Bond

Jens Bond is a master of finely balanced rhythms. In his percussion tracks he brings beats to life like no other – every beat is in place, even the background sounds are carefully arranged to brings the track forward.
He brings percussion to perfection. In his youth he was a drummer and toured with several bands before he got sucked into the melting-pot Berlin. The solid musical background formed his career as a DJ and Producer and helped him to stay on top of the competition in Germany’s capital City of electronic music.

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Weekend Heroes

Weekend Heroes are Felix Timelock and Eli DJ Zombi, oldtime players in global electronic scene. Timelock is a success into international psychedelic circus and Zombi one of leading progressive house DJs from Israel. Both perform for their living for many years and been there and here too.. We started this project to make sure no one of you Heroes will not miss phat soundtrack for peak of your weekend;)

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Broker was born in Glasgow, Scotland. No band would have him so he has been a lone wolf all his days. His primary influences are other lone wolves like Elliott Smith, Nick Drake, Neil Young, Bob Dylan, the Eels (to Broker's mind, there's really just one Eel.) These are largely acoustic songs railing about, among other things, communication failures between people who should know how to talk to each other by now.

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