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There are two artists/groups working under the name of Loris: Loris is an improvising trio consisting of Daniel Jones (turntable, ebows, electronics), Sarah Hughes (autoharp & piano) and Patrick Farmer (contact mics, wood and whisks, natural objects). They have a CD set to be released on the Another Timbre label later in 2009 and will be making their live performance debut soon. Loris is also the working name of Loris Stavrinides who is a Trance & Progressive dance music DJ.

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Juan Fernando Fonseca is a colombian singer. His most famous song is "Te mando flores". He started making music at the age of 5 and by the age of 12 he had already sold 500 copies of his first song. In the year 2002 he released his album named "Fonseca" and the most important songs from that CD were: "Noches de carnaval", "Sueño", "Confiésame" and "Magangué". This lead him to perform with Shakira, Juanes and Carlos Vives, all colombian singers like him.

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Bjorn Akesson

Björn Åkesson was born in 1986, in a town called Lund (southern Sweden). He first noticed electronic music in the middle of the 90’s when he heard music from a videogame called Wipeout 2097. With artists such as Future Sound of London, The Prodigy and Orbital the interest grew. A few years later a friend from school introduced Björn to trance/club music. This sounded a lot better and much more interesting than the techno he had heard before.

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(1) reflekt is a Danish band, mainly located in Roskilde. The band consists of 7 members. They play soothing music with religious lyrics. In 2006 they self-released the EP 'Grace Falling'. In 2008 they released their self-eponymous debut album through the record company Rock 'n' Soul. (2) Reflekt is a dance music outfit from England. The act consists of DJ/remixer/producers Seb Fontaine and Jay Peake (aka Jay P.), with Delline Bass doing vocals.

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The Summertides

The Summertides hail from Exmouth. A quaint coastal town in Devon, England,
Exmouth has imbued their unique music with all the sex, love and carnal debauchery of the traditional British seaside.
Echo at the Carnival is a truly personal and intriguing biography of songwriter Simon Richardson, who takes you on a musical journey of all the highs and lows that come with a few nights well spent.

Read more about The Summertides on Last.fm.

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Floating Me

Consisting of members from some of Australia’s finest progressive rock acts of the past two decades – (Karnivool, COG and Scarymother) F L O A T I N G M E released their debut single "Sugar" in late 2010 and their debut self-titled album April 2011 on Cross Section (The Boxer Rebellion, Foreign Objects) through Inertia. In May 2011 the video was picked up by Yahoo! Music: http://new.music.yahoo.com/videos/FloatingMe/Sugar--221556576

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There are 3 artists known as Serge: 1. Serge Sharonovsky is an Australian artist on the MacIDOL international independent music community, a Jamroom powered site for musicians who record and edit their original compositions on Apple Mac computers. His song Life Goes on was entered in the original MacIDOL competition and made it to release on the CD. 2. A romanian DJ: From Romania, Alex (a.k.a. Serge) is a newcomer to the scene.

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