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Versus Versus

Versus Versus (or VS VS) are six friends from Scotland producing and organising a collection of noises and words to invoke some sort of response, a reaction to what’s happening right in front of you. After years of playing in various bands around the Glasgow music scene the band the guys formed with a common goal, to create something interesting, and fresh. The "Where's The Magic Gone?" demo was recorded in various locations including a Church, a College, and even a flat in Maryhill.

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Par Grindvik

Pär Grindvik has been a core person of Swedish electronic music since the nineties as record store-owner, label manager and producer. He is a well established artist and after many years of touring and releases on big name labels like Drumcode, he is now based in Berlin. Enjoying life and inspired by memories and music from the past, combining them with the future of techno, Pär is an artist that always aims to compose music that adds sparkle and curiosity to the scene. Doing this is also the goal of his record label Stockholm LTD.

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Beat Service

Behind alias Beat Service is Estonian Madis Sillamo. First seriously-taken production was the remix to Dns Project's track Invisible Touch, year was 2007. Well known music magazine released interview with Gareth Emery, where He named the track as "dancefloor killer". Great success along with the massive supportlist showed that this thing aint gonna end up with one track only. Right after releasing his first remix under Uk label Five AM, DNS Project and Beat Service decided to join their skills with the project called Polymental.

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Winners of ‘The Best New Comer Award' for 2005, and the talent behind Malta's most requested bootleg, ‘Floyd's Girl', Joven Grech and Cyprian Cassar – better known as Tenishia – have established themselves as among the best of Malta's electronic dance producers. Popular with their cutting edge live shows and loved for their outstanding productions, Tenishia has quickly gained a reputation in Malta's clubbing culture, including winning the best newcomer award just eight months after their debut in the clubbing scene.

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There is more than one artist under the name of Signum 1. Signum from Netherlands
2. Signum from Serbia
3. SignuM from Lithuania (rock band) Signum is the combination of two talented producers in the European music industry. They are Pascal Minnaard, (age 29) and Ronald Hagen (also age 29). Both live in Zoetermeer, a little city nearby Hague, their home base in Netherlands. Pascal & Ron first met each other in high school.

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Cobblestone Jazz

Cobblestone Jazz is Mathew Jonson on drums and SH-101 bass, programmer Tyger Dhula, and Danuel Tate on keys and vocoder, Itiswhatitis Recordings, Vibraphone Biography Cobblestone Jazz have been performing live electronic music for four years on the west coast of British Columbia. The three members of the group are programmer Tyger Dhula, keyboardists Danuel Tate and Mathew Jonson, whose recent works for Itiswhatitis, Minus and Substatic have brought him international recognition.

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Gary Go

Hello, welcome to my LastFM page! The most popular first question people ask when they meet someone new seems to be "what do you do?". Hello I'm Gary Go. This is some text about me. I write songs, record them and perform them to live human people. I was born and raised in London, England. I'm often looking for a line . I love listening to music - all sorts as long as it's honest and meaningful. I spend most of my time either in my studio The Canvas Room, making sounds or making sounds in front of people, possibly while standing on a stage.

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