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There multiple artists with this name: 1. After eight years of existence, Klone has reached a personal and studied musical style. Today, the band releases a new inspired album, with various influences: , , , , , . Klone finds its identity in going deeper in the command of each musical style. "All Seeing Eye" uses well-orchestrated arrangements, uncommon in Metal, like the use harpe, the saxophone, the chinese flute and various electro tones.

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Sweet Empire

Four friends, sharing a love of independent music, came together in the summer of 2008 to establish their own musical kingdom: Sweet Empire.
All of them experienced by playing in bands like Pantherland and Dainty Defiance, they started to create songs that are melodic and playful, yet at the same time deadly serious. Bringing to mind bands like Descendents, Dag Nasty and the Loved Ones. Sweet Empire is planning the recording of a 7" record, as well as playing many concerts in the Netherlands and abroad.

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Sincerely, Grizzly

In a chance encounter at an Anthropophobiacs Anonymous meeting in South-West North Korea, Joshua Calligeros, Griffin Farley and Rowan Mount met for the first time. It is said that here they discovered their mutual appreciation of the masterpiece A Very Gregorian Christmas and hence decided to start a joint musical venture (however this is fiercely debated by the South Korean Immigration Dept.). Donning themselves the moniker Sincerely...

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Fight Amp

Hailing from NJ, Fight Amp have been chugging along for over 9 years spreading their own brand of genre-bending punk/noise-rock throughout the country and world. Having built a cult following throughout the underground, they have continued to tour and play to both small and large crowds coast to coast as headliners and as support for larger touring bands. Having released three full lengths and countless splits and EPs...

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There are three groups with the name Toe: 1. toe (Japanese band) is a Japanese / / music group. 2. Toe (American band) is a Chicago music group. 3. Toe (English band) is a experimental/noise rock band from Ipswich. japanese band : toe is a Japanese music group that formed in 2000. While mentioned in many circles, their song structure and dynamics are similar to many popular math rock artists. The vast majority of the music is instrumental and features the swift and acute drumming of Takashi.

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Led Er Est

Led Er Est emerged from a series of jam sessions that core members Shawn O’Sullivan and Sam De La Rosa started having in early 2007, using bass guitar, some cheap drum machines, and synths. They were inspired to record music largely by ’70s synth prog, and ’80s lo-fi electronic and industrial music. They recorded a number of songs at friend Will Burnett’s studio that fall. Their first officially released track was on the Wierd Records compilation, Analogue Electronic Music Vol II. Owen Hutchinson joined the band for their first live show at the Wierd party that December.

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Cult of Luna

Cult of Luna are a Swedish Sludge/Post-Metal band formed in 1998 in Umeå, Sweden by guitarist/vocalist Johannes Persson and vocalist Klas Rydberg. After some member hunting and rehearsals CoL had its first line-up consisting of: Klas Rydberg, Johannes Persson, Magnus Lindberg, Erik Olofsson and Fredrik Renstrom. After a short period of time, Fredrik had to leave due to some personal difficulties.

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Dining In Tuscany

Dining In Tuscany formed in late 2005 and after an extensive writing period hit the studio to create a sonic representation of the bands intentions. A no nonsense approach to recording and an appreciation of frostbitten atmospherics as dictated by their contemporaries, laid way for the creation of the "post cards from coco lezzone". The EP is cacophonous and raw, it's production values lend themselves to that of old school "necro" black metal and would not disappoint fans of both modern heavy music and their forefathers.

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