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Random Conflict

Random Conflict began life in late 2005 and started the long process of writing, rehearsing, recording and working as hard as possible to play the music they love. Throughout these two years, countless shows across the length of the UK, including two full UK tours, have seen Random Conflict sharing the stage with the likes of All Shall Perish (USA), The Chariot (USA), Becoming The Archetype (USA), MyChildren MyBride (USA), Knights of the Abyss (USA), An Albatross (USA), Eternal Lord, Azriel, Centurion...

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Eternal lord

Eternal Lord was an English deathcore band, formed in 2005. Eternal Lord formed from the remaining band members of The Hunt For Ida Wave. In 2006, the band released their self-titled EP through Thirty Days of Night Records, followed shortly by a split EP with Glasgow group Azriel. Shortly after the release of the split, vocalist Sam Ricketts decided to quit the band to pursue his dream of becoming a tattoo artist.

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The Ailment

The Ailment was a / band from Brisbane in Queensland, Australia. Formed in late 2008 the band over past 12 months have been taking leaps and bounds with both writing of new material and touring.
With the band recently recording of their full length at RTD studios in the July / August period of 2010. The Ailment look set to break the mold of the ever growing metal and hardcore scene

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Beneath The Wake

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Formed In: August 2012
Origins: Watford, UK
Genre: Deathcore / Metalcore / Hardcore
Record Label: Unsigned Contact Info/Bookings
twitter Band Members
James Jest >> Vocals
Samuel Teale >> Guitar
Pete Doyle >> Guitar
Marco Perry >> Bass
Nick Gomez >> Drums BIO
Started in august 2012 by former drummer and vocalist of the watford metalcore band PORTRAITS; Sam and Nick both started the search for members to create a Deathcore band returning to the roots of the genre with nu-school influences from hardcore, thrash and groove.

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Armada In The Dusk

(2009 - present)
Armada In The Dusk is a 6 piece band with members from the Southside of Brisbane as well as the Sunshine Coast. The Armada lads have spent the last year tirelessly working on building a solid fan base in Brisbane, North Queensland, and even New South Wales. The band prides themselves on their stage performance and encourage you to attend a show to find yourself both amused and disgusted but none the less entertained. Discography:

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VOLUMES. Rhythmic, Groove, Technical, Brutal, Captivating, Face Melting are all adjectives that do not even come close to touching the tip of the iceberg when it comes to describing the sound, image and movement exploding right now out of Southern California. The source of this decibel shattering, mind-numbing, captivating phenomenon? Los Angeles metal outfit, VOLUMES. VOLUMES are a collection of seven musicians coming from a wide array of musical backgrounds, ranging from jazz, classical, post-rock to rap and of course metal.

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Sleeping Giant

Sleeping Giant represent a great and terrible day when all living things will return to dust; and their sound is as formidable as one might suspect the apocalypse should be. Sleeping Giant charged onto the Redlands, CA scene in 2006 with their bold and powerful live show, where in addition to being entranced by ominous guitars, crowds are met with burning passion from articulate front man Thom Green. The sincerity behind the words that pour out from Greens mouth is deeply rooted in the bands unwavering love for The Lord.

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