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As Saschienne, Sascha Funke has formed a duo extraordinaire with multi-talented instrumentalist, singer and wife Julienne Dessagne, displaying an expressivity previously unknown to anyone following his solo work. Far away from the romantic hokum of crude feelgood songwriting, both not only focus on on the harmony and bliss, but explore the discord, the misunderstandings that great love brings with it.

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Acid Pauli

Acid Pauli is the alter ego of Martin Gretschmann, mastermind behind Console and member of the The Notwist as well as other projects. In his Acid Pauli incarnation he produces various remixes (See Johnny Cash - I See a Dark(er)ness) DJ-Sets as well as own songs. He is an important figure in the Weilheim music scene. His nickname and logo resembles the Hamburg/Germany based soccer club St. Pauli and the AcidHouseSmiley.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Tremors is a sexy new band featuring Craig Sharp. 2 Tremors are a hardcore band from London, UK. Ex-members of Dirty Money. 3) Tremors was an Indie-Pop East London 4 Piece. They were together from 2005 - 2008. They released a single 'World Won't Stop' on the 22nd September 2008, via Marionett Records. 3 members of Tremors now play in a band called Bonoestente. 4) Tremors is a south German death metal band 1994-1999 | Formation of TREMORS

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) Depression is a German underground Death/Grind Band.
Website: 2) Depression is a doom/death band from Russia that was formed in 1993. Released the demo "Венок печали" in 1995 and "Распятье Богов" in 1996. Apparently, they recorded two new tracks (presumably live) from 2007-2008, and played a concert in Moscow during this time. Monstrously huge, expansive Doom/Death Metal, with a heavy emphasis on the Doom.

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Alice Sara Ott

Alice Sara Ott (born in Munich, 1988) is a German-Japanese classical pianist. After studying at the Salzburg Mozarteum, Ott has won awards at a number of piano competitions, including first prize at the 2004 Pianello Val Tidone Competition. She has made recordings of Franz Liszt's Transcendental Etudes and Frédéric Chopin's waltzes for Deutsche Grammophon.

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New Hope

New Hope was an American gospel-funk group in the 1970s. Their track "Godofallofus" was featured on Oliver Wang's Soul Sides blog on December 12th, 2008. "Godofallofus" has also been included on BBE's "Strange Breaks and Mr. Thing" compilation. New Hope is also a Punk Rock/Post-hardcore band from Steinfurt, Germany. They recorded their first EP ("All These Days") in March 2003. The LP "The War Between You and Me" followed in 2004.

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