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Youth Lagoon

The dreamy, reverb-laden outlet of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Trevor Powers (Boise, ID), sharing his emotions in every drop of his music, leaving no room for any sort of privacy. The debut album, The Year of Hibernation, is eight lush arrangements that capture a deep sense of yearning. Powers' influences include baroque-pop artist Chris Garneau, Cocteau Twins, as well as folk artists such as Townes Van Zandt.

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Hundred Waters

Hundred Waters is a band formed of fate. Having been dear friends since childhood with musical releases under many different names, Hundred Waters is the butterfly hatched from those extensive past endeavors. The music transcends genres, mixing electronic, acoustic, and classical forms into a cohesive landscape that carries the listener through a series of unfamiliar sounds and sonic permutations. They have recently been signed to Skrillex's label OWSLA.

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Toucans Ramphastos (Formerly Toucans) is the identifier for William Flourance of Columbia, South Carolina, and his recent production work. Flourance has been releasing music digitally since March, 2011 via the website and has gained a small degree of attention on the internet since. Toucans draws influence from a wide variety of contemporary music phenomena such as dubstep, witch house, and chillwave. Tags: 
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Giraffage is the creation of 21-year old multi-instrumentalist/producer Charlie Yin of San Francisco, California. The general sound of Giraffage is described as a weaver of refreshingly crisp electro dream pop tunes that thread their way through loose-knit grooves and tightly-toothed rhythms. Gaining inspiration from things as diverse as dreams or the weather, Giraffage evokes a woozy yet familiar mood that is sure to stimulate your eardrums and leave you feeling a sense of nostalgia and melancholy.

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Beacon is Thomas Mullarney III and Jacob Gossett. Their “No Body EP” explores a combination of deep south bass music and ambient pop melodies, with R&B tinged vocals that accompany warm arpeggiated synthesizers. The EP's atmosphere and narrative recall brooding spirituality in the wake of first love and the allure of the paranormal in teenage romance.

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L.A. native Henry Laufer, the 21-year-old producer better known as Shlohmo, is a lo-fi beat junkie and field-recording enthusiast, whose crackling, low-BPM compositions update Boards of Canada's filmstrip-soundtrack wooziness. An LA native, Laufer grew up listening to "stuff like DJ Shadow, Amon Tobin, M83 stuff with some sort of cinematic vision." He started making beats when he was 14, but "didn't really do it with any sort of purpose until I was like 17 or 18. That was also around the time he and his friends, already fans of Flying Lotus, discovered Low End Theory.

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There are two Passerines, so it seems.
1) Currently solo act based in Chicago, Timothy Young, indie/electronic/acoustic, started in 2011.
*1 Passerines currently appears as a solo acoustic/electric act. Timothy Young started the project in the late Fall of 2011. The first digital release, By The River, attempts to mix aspects of acoustic singer/songwriter music, with electronic music. The result is a collection of songs with dynamic and soothing vocals, over mellow, yet intricate guitar and synth arrangements. Other releases include the digital single Yellow Begonias.

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