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Cyb3rnator Is an 8-Bitt Chip artist From the goole area with
Ground-Breaking Live show-Atmosphere and Hard-Hitting Beats
makes this performer Something not to miss. Was originally formed in 2008
As a 3 peice band named WeDismember_R3tro
With Ty as electronics
Matt on guitar
Jack on bass but complications Lead to a Break up and just a single member Continuing as Bitt-Kidd.
over the next two-three years he underwent a series of name changes,
Such as: Bitt-kidd

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Dot.AY is Alex Yabsley from Brisbane Australia.
He makes music that tries to be both experimental and accessible through this desire he stumbled upon chiptunes and creating music with Gameboys and lo-fi toys.
Since then he has been writing music as much as possible and performing live, most recently in a variety of support shows for the following artists: Crystal Castles, Girl Talk and Dan Deacon Website: http://dot-ay.com
Myspace: www.myspace.com/dotaymusic

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The Datassette project is a series of electronic music recordings by John M Davies, and as the name would suggest there is a heavy influence of the C64 SID Chip at work here. The Datashat Project is a pseudonym used for dodgy bastard pop remixes and DJ appearances. This description as well as free mp3's can be found at http://www.datassette.net.

Datassette on Last.fm.

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There are several artists sharing the name Sands: - A Belgian 90's band from Torhout. - A group called SandS of Russian composers from Demoscene.ru who compose music for computer games. - An electronic ambient musician and saxophonist from The Midlands, England, active around the furry music scene A Belgian 90's band from Torhout, with Guy van Nueten (piano, keyboards) and Michel Vanderhaeghen (guitar, vocals). Their nameless debut cd was produced by Bill Janovitz (Buffalo Tom).
Later the band extended with 2 members: Roel de Loore on bass and Thor de Boos on drums.

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The Depreciation Guild

The Depreciation Guild is a fuzzed-out, reverb drenched rock/electronic duo consisting of Kurt Feldman (guitar, vocals, programming/chip-tunes, toys), Christoph Hochheim (guitar, vocals), and Anton Hochheim (live drums). Backed solely by a Nintendo Entertainment System, the band blankets their sound with the crushing blows of its 8-Bit 2A03 sound chip. Drawing inspiration from a wide array of classic shoegaze/dream-pop bands such as My Bloody Valentine, Pale Saints, and Cocteau Twins, as well as electronic composers such as Bill Nelson and YMO...

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This is Shirobon, an 18 year old producer/musician from London who creates a range of electronic music designed to please the ears.
Started in early 2008 he discovered a tracker type music sequencer for the Nintendo Gameboy called 'LSDJ'. He used this to create music via triggering loops created and placing them together to make bleepy type songs.
A year down the line and Shirobon has now blossomed in his ways of creating music.

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There are two artists with this name: 1) A native of Concord, MA, Campbell is an independent experimental music composer, multi-instrumentalist, performer, DJ, and all around weirdo. Campbell's tracks are usually produced on a laptop with a variety of sources, including guitars, synthesizers, odd ethnic instruments, and a plethora of obsolete technology. 2) Hailing from Charlotte, NC, Campbell brings unexplainable beauty to places where originality is scarce.

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Anamanaguchi is a four-piece group from New York City that makes emotional punk, pop & dance music using hacked Nintendos, Game Boys, and 16-bit soundscapes along with a full band. Anamanaguchi is Peter Berkman (guitar, songwriting), Ary Warnaar (guitar, songwriting), James DeVito (bass), and Luke Silas ('knife city', drums). A member of the artist collective 8bitpeoples, Peter Berkman has been creating chiptune music since 2003. Their debut, 'Power Supply' EP, was released in 2006 as a free download through 8bitpeoples and has since received a ton of downloads.

Read more about Anamanaguchi on Last.fm.

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