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There are more than one Band with this name: 1)Voltron is a UK Funky / Chicago House / Disco band signed to Discobelle Records / Silverback Recordings 2)Voltron is a 5-piece heavy metal, sludge, noise-rock-band from Berlin, Germany. They released several albums / CDs. They performed lots of shows for about 5 years. They toured Germany with Kint in 2008.
They are signed with Raddatz Records. 3)Voltron is a cybergrind band that were on the Drum Machinegun comp put out by Relapse Records.

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Jigsaw Torture

There are two artists under the name Jigsaw Torture: 1. An Australian / band from Mornington Peninsula, Victoria, formed in late 2010. The original line-up included Brendan Hutchinson (vocals), Lucas Ross (guitars), Tyler Clifford (bass) and Taz (drums). The band recorded a 4-track demo in early 2011, passing them out at live gigs. In mid 2011, lead vocalist Brendan announced his departure from the band, stating the next three live performances would be his last before the band recruited a new vocalist.

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Goat is the name of more than one artist: 1:Chris Gates, better known as goat, is a video game remixer who has many many power metal and synth metal remixes of songs from Castlevania, though he has also remixed several other games including Final Fantasy 4 and Super Metroid, and he has created some originals. His website hosts copies of most of his songs, including his recently finished project "Unchosen Paths", which remixes the entire soundtrack of Castlevania 3, and also its prequels in two bonus medleys.

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Eustachian opens wide the gates of Hell, mashing up grindcore, breakcore and noise with a brutality and ingenuity rarely seen so far. Watch out, these guys are after you sanity. Started in 2000 in Greenville, South Carolina, moved to Orlando, Florida, moved to San Francisco, Moved to Los Angeles. 2-3 guys depends on the weather. Core members: John Roche & Anthony Welter / Contributing members: Masaki Pierce.

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Fuck...I'm Dead

Fuck... I’m Dead is an Australian / band formed in May of 2000, with Tom Raetz on bass, Dave Hill on Guitar and drum programming, and Jay Jones on vocals. In July 2000 Fuck... I’m Dead recorded and released a self titled demo tape, and managed to capture the interest of Germany’s Sanity's Dawn which led to the release of the Fuck... I’m Dead/Sanitys Dawn split 7" in early 2001 on No Escape Records.

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