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E.g., 24 Jul 2017

Dana Fuchs The youngest of six musical children, Dana was raised in Wildwood, Florida. At the age of twelve she joined the First Baptist Gospel Choir and began singing in public. At sixteen she was fronting a popular local band at a roadside Holiday Inn. She moved to New York City at nineteen. She began collaborating with Jon Diamond, a guitarist who had toured with Joan Osborne and W.C. Handy Award winner Debbie Davies. They formed the Dana Fuchs Band. The band was a feature act at a number of clubs, performing with the likes of John Popper, James Cotton, and Taj Mahal.

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There are at least four bands who are named Rotor: 1. Progressive stoner rock band from Berlin, Germany. Since 1998 the threepiece group has developed their very own musical style going far beyond classic stoner rock patterns. Their trademarks include very complex songstructures decorated with delay-, hall-, waheffects, and the incorporation of jazz arrangements. RotoR's essence is an intense groove that pulls through their in general instrumentally arranged songs.

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There are multiple bands called werewolves.
(1) A thrash band from Baltimore, Maryland. They released a split 7" vinyl with Call Me Betty, and a CD called "Grind Melon" on BEAR Records in 2008. - (2) Werewolves are a rock band based out of Brooklyn, NY. They pull from a variety of influences including 60's psychedelic rock, krautrock, and well as shoegaze and drone music.

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There are more than 1 artists with the name Gringo: 1 - Gringo Is a progressive rock band.
They were originally formed in 1968 as 'The Toast'. In the spring of 1970 Toast abandoned the old, tired routine and changed their name to Gringo eager to explore the "new freedoms" offered by the burgeoning progressive movement. In March the following year Gringo signed a deal with MCA to record an album and single. In 1972 the bass player left the band, and even though there were the plans for it, sadly there was to be no follow-up album to their promising debut from the previous year.

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