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Fall Children

1. A Norwegian punk rock band that were supposed to put out a demo on cassette, but didn't. The demo was however shared digitally. 2. A Columbia, Missouri "emocore" band. Originally formed in 2001 by Daniel Robideaux on bass and Dan Isaacs on guitar, they picked up drummer Travis Kuebler and vocalist Frank Steinhardt, and the lineup has gone through several changes in the years since. With this lineup, they recorded an self-released EP in 2002 titled "Dumb Supper", and a live EP titled "Into the Temple Black" in 2003.

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Escape The Fate

Appearing amid the fertile post-hardcore scene of the 2000s, the Las Vegas quartet Escape the Fate prided itself, above all else, on an energetic and visceral live show. Current Lineup:
Craig Mabbitt (2008 - present): lead vocals
Bryan "Monte" Money (2005 - present): lead guitar/backing vocals
Max Green (2005 - present): bass guitar/backing vocals
Robert Ortiz (2005 - present): drums Former Members:
Ronnie Radke (2005 - 2008): lead vocals
Omar Espinosa (2005 - 2007): guitar/vocals
Carson Allen (2005): synthesizers/backing vocals

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Close Your Eyes

Giving every ounce of their being over to everything that they set their minds to, CLOSE YOUR EYES blew the top off of the Abilene, Texas music scene and has brought their high energy, passionate brand of hardcore to the masses. With one listen of their Victory Records debut, We Will Overcome, audiences everywhere will notice the authenticity of this spirit-filled, hardcore outfit. Shane Raymond (Vocals) and Brett Callaway (Guitar/Vocals) first met at Hardin-Simmons University. Being the only two "hardcore" kids in the cafeteria connected them immediately.

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This Providence

This Providence (previously known as Sunday Best), is a four piece band from Seattle, Washington US. The members of This Providence came together in the summer of 2001 and soon after recorded a 4 song demo CD, under the short lived name of "T minus 1." In 2003 they recorded the better known The Sunday Best EP, co-produced, and self-released (now out of print). While still in high school, they gathered a strong local following as well as some label attention. After graduating, the band released their debut full-length record, Our Worlds Divorce, produced by Casey Bates.

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The Almost

The Almost is the band of Aaron Gillespie, the former drummer/clean vocalist of Underoath from Clearwater, Florida, United States started in 2005. Aaron stated that this band is much more of a traditional rock project than Underoath. A Monster Monster is on the loose. The Almost

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The Word Alive

The Word Alive is a six-piece post-hardcore band from Phoenix, Arizona, United States. This band is formerly Calling of Syrens. In March 2009, they signed to Fearless Records and released a 6 song EP on July 21st. The Word Alive released their debut full length album on August 31, 2010. Discography: 1. Empire (2009, EP).
2. Deceiver (August 31, 2010). The band consists of: Tyler smith (Vocals)
Zack Hansen (Guitar)
tony pizzuti (Guitar)
Justin Salinas (Drums)
Nick Urlacher (Bass)
Dusty Riach (Keys/Synth).

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