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Forgiven Rival

Forgiven Rival have been hailed as “pioneers in a new breed of urbanised rock”. Breaking into the scene in early 2005 they have continued on the up with a demo out and an impressive year of touring with some top notch Australian and International artists, including Kisschasy, Parkway Drive, Silverstein (CA), I Killed The Prom Queen and more. A band that knows just how important touring is they have impressively played in almost every Australian state and clocked up over 60 shows in one year.

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Kerbdog are a heavy rock band from Kilkenny in the Republic of Ireland who began writing in 1991. Their music has been described as "an unbending alloy of matt-black, titanium-tough metal and shimmering melody.", in contrast to compatriots U2's "fake authenticity" and the "tyranny of soul" espoused by Van Morrison. U2 & Van Morrison being from very different areas naturally! Kerbdog were formed in 1991 by Cormac Battle (vocals/guitar), Colin Fennelly (bass guitar) and Darragh Butler (drums) under the repressive regime of the Christian Brothers.

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Black Tequila

after being asked for the genre of their music again and again Black Tequila finally found the apt characterisation in “Epicore” : Elements of punk rock, new metal and emo(core) unite and are epically fortified through the influences of an electric violin and synthesizers.
To put it into plain words: racy guitar riffs, cracking bass and hard-core drumming join together with distorted violin and synthie sounds forming a musical collectivity.
Add to this the strong voice of the energetic front man Christoph who varies from melodic singing to emotional expression.

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Circus Circus

there are sevelar artists named "Circus!Circus!":
1) Post-Hardcore/Emocore band from Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Formed in 2006 and ready to destroy, Circus! Circus! has enough catchy and spastic riffs to keep any ADD kids attention. 2)Circus Circus was the project Blackie Lawless assembled in the late 70s/early 80s after his first LA band Sister fell apart. According to those who witnessed the band perform, it was not that different from Sister and led directly into W.A.S.P. (who were described as none other than 'Sister under a different name' by Blackie himself).

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Bless The Fall

This is an incorrect tag for blessthefall. If this non-artist appears in your charts, do Last.fm and yourself a favor: fix your artist tags. This incorrect tag is actually a result of the CD, when ripped the artist name comes off as Bless The Fall instead of Blessthefall, so if you actually go out and buy the thing, make sure you fix it before you listen to the songs.

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