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There are, at least, fourteen artists using this name: 1. DiVA, a sub-group from Japanese idol group AKB48 formed in February 2011. Members consist of Akimoto Sayaka (秋元才加), Umeda Ayaka (梅田彩佳), Masuda Yuka (増田有華) and Miyazawa Sae (宮澤佐江). They are being promoted as a 'vocal and dance unit'. Their debut single Tsuki no uragawa (月の裏側; The Other Side of the Moon) was released May 18, 2011. 2. A Los Angeles based psychedelic pop artist (full name Diva Dompe) who released the album "The Glitter End" on Critical Heights in May 2011: www.criticalheights.com

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At least four bands are known under the name Lovelife.
1) A UK synth-pop band who started in or around April 2012 featuring ex-bandmember Leonard Newell of Viva Brother and ex-bandmember Ally Young from Mirrors.
www.lvlf.info 2) A Nashville girl fronted indie band active since 2010. Julia Eng:vox/guitar, Daniel Severs:drums
Michael Eng:bass
http://youtube.com/user/lovelifenashville 3) A band from Russia who are no longer active.

Read more about Lovelife on Last.fm.

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1. A James Ferraro joint. http://www.mediafire.com/?ct3rlw675bt63w7 2. Bodyguard nastaje početkom 2009 .godine, izdaje album koji je ponovo remasterizovan, što je delo Darka Mijatovića, gitariste koji je ceo projekat osvežio novim idejama i kompletno ga programirao i odsvirao... nastupila je pauza od marta 2010 do marta 2011, kada se sve ponovo pokreće. U predhodnoj postavi u bendu su bili još i na basu Jules Šindeleš i Bojan Vitasović vokal ...

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John Jagos began recording under the name Brothertiger in Toledo, OH during the summer of 2009. He began recording electronic music in 2006 as Monoteque, an experimental project characterized by tribal beats and pulsing synthesizers. Influenced heavily by the electronic sound of Brian Eno and M83, along with the experimental characteristics of Animal Collective, Caribou, and Yeasayer, Jagos recorded many tracks throughout the final half of 2009. After he released the Apache Feathers EP on the Modicum of Silence net-label, he soon began work on the Vision Tunnels EP.

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