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Trailer Park Boys

Trailer Park Boys is a mocumentary television program from Canada.
It premiered in 2001 on the Showcase Network. TPB is currently in production of its eighth season.
While many shows have recently broken cable television barriers for comedy, it is worthy of mention that Trailer Park Boys predates shows such as Weeds (Showtime), and Curb Your Enthusiasm (HBO) and is credited with setting the precedent for adult themed cable comedy.

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Martin L. Gore

Martin Lee Gore (born July 23, 1961 in Dagenham, Essex, England) a member of the band Depeche Mode since its inception in 1980. He is currently the primary songwriter, and also plays keyboard and guitar. He is also the backup singer, and sometimes the lead singer. In 2003, Martin released Counterfeit2, a solo cover album follow-up to his 1989 Counterfeit EP. Both feature his takes on other people's material, and he has stated publicly before that he considers himself not the most prolific songwriter, and prefers to keep his own material for Depeche Mode albums.

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Telephoned was born one night in Brooklyn when DJ/producer Sammy Bananas and singer/party starter Maggie Horn decided to record their own version of T-Pain's "Can't Believe It." Their track was neither remix nor cover - instead, the duo fashioned a postmodern take on both, warping the original beat into a hypnotic club track and bringing out the dreamy qualities only hinted at in Pain's auto-tuned melodies.

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El Vez

Because Elvis has become an international institution that can communicate across national and cultural boundaries, it comes as no surprise that El Vez - the self proclaimed "" - has come along. El Vez, aka Robert Lopez, has been kicking around the L.A. underground music scene for nearly twenty years. He first appeared in the early L.A. punk band The Zeros and then played in Catholic Discipline (which also spawned lesbian folk singer Phranc).

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Cranial Screwtop

From the mean streets of Bury and Salford these music warriors are playing 80's trash in a punk rock style. Gigs are full of free Um Bongo and Space Raiders and the Screwtop army turn up for gigs dressed in requisite glow-in-the-dark Screwtop tees with printed ties all as happy as larry. The drummer sings just like in the Eagles, but with less hair.

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Prayer is a finnish AOR band that relesed its debut album "Wrong Address" in 2005. Prayer is also a project with Enrico di Giorno and Patrick Scholl, they released a single in 2010 called
''The Power Of Goodbye''. PRAYER is back! It has been some 7 years since we were presented with the album “Wrong Address” (ESM117), which really set the pace way back in 2005 and gained the band a cult following. Prayer play Melodic Rock/AOR and hail from Oulu in Northern Finland. ”Danger in the Dark” is their brand new debut album which boasts catchy tunes with lots of double guitars and great keyboards.

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