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[1]: Nasty are a beatdown hardcore Band from BELGIUM and GERMANY.
They play hardcore with death metal influences. Nasty was founded in Nov. 2004. After some lineup changes the final band was created. One MCD 'The Beginning', and one full length 'Declaring War' out. After relentless touring in Europe their new full length 'Agression' came out on the 16th of February 2008 on Goodlife records. [2]: Nasty is a female duo from the Netherlands singing dutch R&B. They won in a music competition in the nineties with their song for which they are most known: "Een moment zonder jou".

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Emmure formed in 2003. The founding members, Ben and Joe Lionetti met Frank Pamerei and Jesse Ketive on the internet and began rehearsals together. Mark Davis would later join when the original Bass player had to leave as the tour schedule Ben designed was too intense. Many have compared Emmure to The Acacia Strain and From a Second Story Window. Jesse Ketive is a former member of the band Warfix, where he played guitar alongside Bryan Goldsman of Southside Panic, Sean Murphy & Mike Kaabe formerly of Endwell.

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Rise of the Northstar

Rise of The Northstar is a young thrash band whose spirit was born in the back alleys on 1980s Shibuya. Indeed, Japanese culture, mangas and it's "Furyos" are all an integral part of ROTNS's music. Through it's lyrics and imagery distilled winthin the music, the band created a real identity for themselves, unique, close to 90's New York Hardcore, Shonen manga and contemporary metal-core... Tokyo hold on tight, Rise Of The Northstar is coming.

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Close To Home

Meet Andrew (vocals), Dan (bass), Josh (guitar/vocals), JJ (guitar/screams/BG vocals) and Travis (drums/tamborine), five guys from Cincinnati, Ohio, who were inspired by their hardships to write their first album telling the story which lead them to chase their dream and undying passion to make music. With heartfelt messages through their songs and exceptional live performance, they have managed to make instant fans all over the US and abroad without any backing from a label or distribution company.

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The Loved Ones

There is more than one artist with this name: 1) The Loved Ones were an Australian rock group of the 1960s, formed in the wake of the British Invasion. Although the band’s career lasted only two years, the group is now regarded as one of the most significant Australian bands of the 1960s. 2) The Loved Ones are a band from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The band was founded in late 2003 by Dave Hause (formerly of The Curse and Paint It Black) on vocals and guitar, Michael Cotterman (formerly of Kid Dynamite) on bass and Mike Sneeringer (formerly of Trial By Fire) on drums.

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Without Wings We Fall

Ryan McEwan - Vocals
James Jones - Bass
James Sheperd - Drums
Brent Ottley - Guitar
Daniel Cummings - Guitar Without Wings We Fall is a 5 - piece Melodic Hardcore Brisbane based band. Their amazing energy and catchy melodies are taking a fairly generic genre and shattering it's boundaries. They have released a studio demo with two tracks that is avaliable for download from their facebook page.

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