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The Guild League

Led by Lucksmiths lead mouth Tali White the Melbourne (Australia) based 6 piece line up is its most rockin' incarnation yet featuring lead-cellist/bassist Cressida Griffith, Sax Prodigy Gus Rigby, drummer about town Phil Collings, trumpet from Roger the tall man Clark and guitar magic from Basic Shapes Gerry Eeman. The favourite band you may not have known you had, the Guild League make music that you'll want to hug hard.

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There are several artists called Bid 1) O primeiro disco solo de BiD, Bambas & Biritas Volume 1 de 2005, juntou uma banda formada por Carlos Daffé no piano e vocal, Marku Ribas na percussão e vocal, Rocco BiD na bateria e vocal, Lula Barreto no baixo, Bruno Buarque na percussão e samplers e o próprio BiD na guitarra, craviola e vocal. A carreira de BiD começou tocando com Supla na banda Tokyo. Depois disso BiD integrou o Professor Antena e Funk como Le Gusta, que também produziu.

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18 July 1968: Made it through the birth canal. Screamed a lot, I suppose but it was good to be here. Until spring 1978: Probably spent my time eating lots and growing up. Played a lot in nearby forest, North Germany. Some time in 1978: Got my first guitar and started to take lessons with a very patient and beardy teacher who also had a fondness for home knitted cardigans and vests. Germany discovered bio-dynamically grown produce and I learned to play Bach and The Beatles on a Spanish acoustic guitar.

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Christine Hoberg

New York composer and vocalist Christine Hoberg will return with her fourth self-released LP, World Within, on 09.13.13. The follow-up to her 2011 Moonlight Never Shined So Bright this new album was recorded in Christine's Brooklyn home with an analog forefront. "This album is about my fascination with worlds that exist within each other. I have very vivid dreams. We rest ourselves and awake in another world for hours each day. We spin on a tiny globe and can see the stars and forget that we are looking through a darkening atmosphere at suns that are much greater than ours.

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Eugene Kelly

Eugene Kelly was born on 1965 and is a Scottish musician who was a member of the band The Vaselines and also BMX Bandits and has had a number of solo releases. Eugene Kelly formed The Vaselines in 1986 with Frances McKee and was a member until 1990 when the band split up. Kurt Cobain of Nirvana was a fan of the band and two covers of songs by The Vaselines were included on their Incesticide album.

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Arthur and Martha

Arthur and Martha is an electronic two piece formed in London, UK in 2004. The original lineup consisted of Adam Cresswell and Alice Hubley. Arthur and Martha follow in the footsteps of the great electronic two pieces of our time; Pet Shop Boys, Erasure, Sparks, 2 Unlimited and others. Their live show has been described as "Gilbert & George, disguised as The Carpenters, steal the hits of Kraftwerk and bash them out on an old moog in the style of Section 25" Their debut single Autovia was released on Happy Robots Records in April 2008.

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The Medics

There are two artists with this name:
1. A Dutch indie rock band
2. An Australian rock band 1. The Medics are an indie band which formed in Utrecht, The Netherlands in 2008. Along the way, The Medics have been labeled as 'Morrissey on speed', but gain also heavy influences from bands like The Strokes, Vampire Weekend and The Killers. Early 2009 The Medics released a three song EP. In October 2010 The Medics released the first single called City. Their debut album Dance Into The Dark with the same titled single Dance into the dark has been be released at the end of august 2011.

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