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There are several artists called Fenster. 1. FENSTER (Bln via NYC) // Formed in 2010 by JJ, a New Yorker, Jonathan, a Berliner, and later completed by percussionist/journalist Lukas FENSTER makes de-constructed pop music, exploring electro acoustic arrangements peppered with traffic noises and bird calls. Their lyrics are often carefully constructed dream narratives, finding inspiration in the world of ghosts, graveyards. trains, religious imagery, and broken machinery. In their music, they build songs around errors, blending melodic chords with broken beats or minimal percussion.

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the Tamborines

THE TAMBORINES is a fuzz rock band, based in London UK.
The Tamborines came to being when core members Lulu Grave Keyboards, Percussion) and Henrique Laurindo (Guitar, Vocals)started recording some songs on a 4 track in their own bedroom in West London. They have been rapidly gaining acclaim throughout London with their synthesizer heavy, tripped out live shows. Raised on a diet of underground indie, Bergman movies and distorted guitars, The Tamborines combine their daydreaming sound with an art aesthetic that blends West Coast Pyschedelia with the noir of The Velvet Underground.

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The Occasional Flickers

Edinburgh-based band 'The Occassional Flickers' are originally from Athens, Greece. Giorgos Bouras has been going under the Occasional Flickers guise for a couple of years now and the debut album 'Scattered Songs' has just been released on Peru's Plastilna Records which is the home to the likes of Annemarie and Amida amongst others. The current line-up features Giorgos Bouras, Bart Owl, Jamie Scott, Panayotis Baras, Ola Rek and Ailig Hunter.

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The June Brides

The June Brides were an English pop music group, formed in London in 1983, by Phil Wilson and Simon Beesley of International Rescue. Influenced by Postcard-label bands such as Josef K and -era bands such as The Desperate Bicycles and The Television Personalities, their mix of guitar pop with viola and trumpet formed a blueprint for many of the bands that would follow. First playing live as a band in August 1983...

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The French

The French is a synth duo formed by Darren Hayman and John Morrison, both formerly of Hefner. The French developed the more electronic sound present on Hefner's last album: Dead Media. They have released one full length album called Local Information, an EP called Dagenham and a double a-side single called Gabriel In the Airport/Porn Shoes in the years 2003-2004.

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the high ones

New project featuring the mercurial songwriting skills of The Low Countries' Nigel Parrington and The Pocket Gods' Mark C Lee.
Psyched out harmonious fizzy pop.
Debut single 'blueberry smile'released May 1st 2011 on Nub Country Records
Album released 24.10.11
Launch party 16.10.11 oh yes

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The Honest Johns

The Honest Johns all grew up in Newcastle Upon Tyne, England, but they never met until they all went to the same High School. Exams over, they toured and recorded extensively yet, unbelievably, released nothing save for an EP in 1986 called Tell Me About Your Childhood. Even now, demand remains high for this rare vinyl release featuring the classic Grandfather Of Gold. The band split in the early 90s leaving the vast majority of their recordings unheard. That, could easily have been that.

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