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First wave Detroit techno artist famous for early minimal sound combining elements of detroit with a stripped down and jacky sound more popular in Chicago at that time. Incredible crossover appeal on party tracks and stripped down minimal bleep techno, with crisp grainy claps that have made his sound and use of the RZ-1 drumbox unmistakable. Founder of Accelerate records, Seventh City Records, Seventh City distribution (and retail store on Gratiot Ave at one point), early collaborator with Richie Hawtin's Plus 8 records.

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There are 2 trance acts using the name Arrakis: One of them is Kai Tracid + Drax (Thomas Peter Heckmann). They released The Spice in 1999. Their style is acid trance. The other is formed by UK producers B. Jamieson and J. Sutton. They released "Medusa" and "Aira Force". Their style is trance with some progressive elements.

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Florian Hecker

Florian Hecker was born in 1975 in Augsburg. Florian Hecker has been working with computer music, independently and in collaboration with other artists such as Farmersmanual, Russell Haswell, Shunichiro Okada, Peter Rehberg, Marcus Schmickler and Yasunao Tone since 1996. One of his first publications was a Remix of the title "Ped Stang" from Chicks On Speed.
He published his work among other things on the Viennese Label "Mego". At the present time he lives and works in Vienna.

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Search Party

Also a UK hardcore band, from Glasgow. and A rare religious rock album by a from Wisconsin band who relocated to Sacramento, California. Many of the tracks feature lovely female vocals, although part of Side Two is more acoustic and folky with male vocals. Unless you're into singer/songwriting acoustic folk these are not as good. At its best the album is superb.

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Patrick Walker

Edinburgh based electronic producer/occasional dj. Produces dubby electronics, Idm, micro house, minimal and experimental/hard techno. records under a range of aliases such as : (i)sodyne, 3Carbine, Vent (with Lodestar), Sd Kidd, SCSI F_cker and other pseudonyms/collaborations which he chooses not to reveal. Has Remixed, wee djs, toob, jakeone, Sugar experiment station, linkwood family, B*wilder and euterke. Releases on : Avionix Recordings Mindnet Intonations Forthcoming releases on Kompakt digital and clevermusic.

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There are two artists with the name Sutekh.
1. The electronic DJ Sutekh,
2. The metal band Sutekh from the Netherlands. 1. Since 1997, Sutekh, alias Seth Joshua Horvitz, has released consistently inconsistent electronic music on local and international labels Force Inc./Mille Plateaux, Source, Background, Plug Research, Cytrax/Delay, Tektite, and his own Context. Manipulating computers, samplers, synthesizers, ping pong tables, and found sounds, he has created everything from minimal house and techno to dense, dissonant noise collage.

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