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DJ Ant

ANT is one of the primary DJ's and producers for the Stay Up Forever Collective, London, and owner of Powertools Records, one of the many, successful, hard-hitting labels put out through the S.U.F. camp. He has been DJ'ing nationally and internationally since 1994 and leaving his mark on vinyl since 1997. London's infamous free party scene played host to ANT's first DJ experiences and over the persuing decade, he continued making a name for himself DJ'ing throughout the U.K.

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FUnk Sinatra

Human since 1977
Musician since 1989
Producer since 1994
Dj since 1999 Funk Sinatra is Eyal goldman from Israel.He preformed at the Dinamo Dvash, Vertigo, Ultrasound, Haoman 17 Haifa, Fetish, Underground (Eilat) and more. He performed at the Dinamo Dvash, Jeppeto, Yellow submarine, Underground (Eilat), the israeli Love Parade 1999 and 2001's Tribal Experience and more. Former member of the crew (long and deleted now), ex drummer for the Shitters , and a nice guy in general. Also he played drums in many youth bands, ranging from jazz to metal to surf (his guilty pleasure.

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Baby Ford

With singles like 'Oochy Koochy' in the late 1980s, Peter 'Baby' Ford quickly established himself as a leading producer/DJ of the first-wave UK acid house scene. Since that time, Ford's work has become a hugely refined affair; the slew of interrelated labels that he had a hand in throughout the 1990s, and which largely gave air to his collaborative ventures with DJ/producer Mark Broom (Ifach, Trelik and Pure Plastic amongst them), became reliable outlets for concise...

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Naomi Campbell

There are two artists with this name: 1) Naomi Campbell (born 22 May 1970) is an English model of Jamaican descent., and also a successful singer. Her album, Baby Woman, sold over 1 million copies worldwide (mostly, in Japan), and she was featured on Vanilla Ice's single "Cool as Ice." 2) Naomi Campbell is an alias of the famed producer Alec Empire, under which he produced the Hardcore Techno / Speedcore track Spinball Attack for the Braindead comp in '94. A longer version of this track appeared on Shocker: The Inferno Part II compilation in '94 with Naomi Campbell as the title.

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Jacques Greene

There’s not much we can say about this 20 year old house producer from Montreal except that his music is incredible and it’s sort of taken over our studio environment in the last months since his then anonymous demo arrived in our inbox. What time will tell is that this guy isn’t a stranger to LuckyMe at all, but a good friend of ours for a few years simply growing into some new tastes. But look, I’ve said too much already.

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Search Party

Also a UK hardcore band, from Glasgow. and A rare religious rock album by a from Wisconsin band who relocated to Sacramento, California. Many of the tracks feature lovely female vocals, although part of Side Two is more acoustic and folky with male vocals. Unless you're into singer/songwriting acoustic folk these are not as good. At its best the album is superb.

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There are several acts with the name Plank - Dutch band from Alkmaar. Bandmembers: Wesley, Wouter, Leon and Bas.
Recorded one album at De Raad, Alkmaar, december 2001. The album is called ´De Geboorte van Plank´. Further info unknown. - English electronic musician Joe Gilmore making minimal glitch electronic music. He has had several releases on Melange records, Alienation and Tu'm, amoong others. Gilmore is also working with Vend and PowerBooks for Peace

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