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Broken Oath

Broken Oath formed in Glasgow/Scotland (UK) in 2001, after several minor lineup changes their first demo was self released. Limited to 300 copies this sold out fast! More lineup changes followed as well as extensive touring of the UK. The now settled lineup released a split CD (What lies ahead) with Peterborough band Eviscerate AD. The release of this CD on Unity Worldwide Recordings saw the band hit mainland Europe for the first time.

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Kirlian Camera

Kirlian Camera was founded by the keyboardist/vocalist Angelo Bergamini in Parma, Italy in Spring 1980. The band really was born in 1979, called Suicide Commando, but this name was dropped for the existence of a namesake band. So, when Bergamini started to interest to paranormal phenomena, he knew about a special device invented by Semion Kirlian to take photos of the aura of the human body and from this took the name of the group, suggested by Mauro Montacchini.

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The White Electric

The White Electric formed in 2008 and consists of Lachlan Scott (Electronic Discharge) and Sally Whiteman.
With their powers combined, The White Electric intends to stomp out some genre breaking Acid-Electro-Hip-Hop-Rock tracks.
The White Electric are currently in the studio cranking hard towards to complete their set of all original tunes to begin performing live in early 2009.With the ability to cut tracks faster than an emos forearm, stay tuned for much more music to come!

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Carroll Thompson

Carroll Thompson (born 1960, Letchworth, Hertfordshire) is an English lovers rock singer, best known for her work in the 1980s. Thompson sang in school and church choirs as a girl, but initially chose a career in pharmacy. In the mid-1970s, she began working as a backing singer at several recording studios after auditioning for Frank Farian's Sugar Cane group.[1] Eventually, Thompson embarked on a solo career...

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The Huxleys

The Huxleys are a female fronted, three piece rock band. Their influences stem from the surfy sound of the sixties and guitar rock of the seventies.
The music of The Huxleys was originally created by Neil Drummond (guitars) and Jessica Brett (bass and vocals) .
Once in London, The Huxleys teamed up with Alan Walder (drums, backing vox) to complete their edgy, vintage folk rock trio.
check them out on myspace www.mypsace.com/thehuxleysband

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Muldoon's Picnic

Folk/world group based in Glasgow since 2000. Lineup varies between four and six singers. Wide range of styles specialising in , , () and other , often in original four- or five-part arrangements. Described as "compelling listening", "very accomplished, very loud and very international in their repertoire", "very talented and technically superb young group who deserve much more attention".

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