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Apple Rabbits

apple rabbits is the one-man band of Jay Fisher.
If you type jay Fisher into a web search there are about a billion of them. This Jay Fisher is the one that comes under jay Fisher, 'The Velvetine Ear’ or Canteen, 'Everyone Else' (Maurice And Noble Remix) or J.B. Presley - maybe.

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Emily Saunders Emily naturally took to the piano writing songs from a very young age. Brought up in a family dowsed in music, she is surrounded by family members highly successful in performance and composition. Emily's musical experience is broad, initially training as a classical musician, which in conjunction with her inate fascination and exploration in improvisation led to her specialising in Jazz voice via a Masters at Trinity Conservatoire.

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Vanessa White

Vanessa Karen White (born 30 October 1989 in Somerset, England.) is an English pop singer and songwriter. She became successful in 2008 as a member of the girl group The Saturdays. The youngest member of the band, she is noted for her extensive vocal range Vanessa provided additional vocals on Master Shortie's debut album A.D.H.D. on the track 'Swagger Chick'. The album was released on the 27 July 2009.

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John Leyton

John Leyton is an English actor and singer. As a singer he is best known for his hit song "Johnny Remember Me", (written by Geoff Goddard and produced by the legendary Joe Meek) which reached Number 1 in the UK chart in August 1961. John Dudley Leyton was born on 17 February 1939 in Frinton-on-Sea, Essex. After completing his National Service, he studied drama, paying his way through drama school with bit-part roles in films and on television.

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Dougie Greig

Dougie Greig is a solo singer songwriter who is, and deserves to be held, in the highest regards by all who have listened to him and seen him play. His passion for music and melody comes through in every note and his songs show a level of lyrical depth and honesty unheard in most of todays music. His contempary style is unlike any other but yet is underpinned by takes on classic stylings making his music accessable and fresh. To say he is a talent is understatement to the extreme, undeniably an artist to watch.

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Kentin Jivek

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You’ve got 10 releases in total, not everything is here.
Kentin Jivek is an artist from Paris France, and Ode to Marmæle is his 2010 follow-up to 2009′s wonderfully received Eight New Prophecies, where he managed to really begin to make a name for himself. His breakthrough didn’t come until the release of Ode to Marmæle though, receiving very positive attention from magazines like Judas Kiss and Ikonen, as well as one Mr.

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Ella Chi

'Sexy, cheeky, pure, carefree, mesmerising with a bite!'Ella Chi has a sweet melting voice that is beautiful and calming but she is also not afraid to express herself and get things off her chest...Her sound is unique and guaranteed to captivate her audience on a number of levels. Ella Chi was born and raised in Bristol until moving to Spain at the age of 12. At 17 she moved back to the UK at her own accord to pursue her music career.

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