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Originating from Bruneck, Italy, Graveworm are a melodic/symphonic black metal band with influence of gothic metal. They were formed in 1997, and are themed towards sadness, death, love and occult. Even before Graveworm released any demo they got signed by Serenades Records, who saw an incredible show of the band close to their hometown Brunico. A demo was produced straight after, featuring classic hymns like "Eternal Winds" or "When The Sky Turns Black", which were featured on their debut album "When Daylight’s Gone".

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Ex Deo

Ex Deo is a Canadian metal band formed in 2008 in Montreal, Quebec, a new Roman themed death metal group led by Maurizio Iacono (Kataklysm) released their debut album Romulus to the world on June 19, 2009 (Europe) and June 30, 2009 (North America) via Nuclear Blast Records. The album was recorded with producer (and Kataklysm guitarist) Jean-Francois Dagenais (Misery Index, Despised Icon, Malevolent Creation).

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Nothgard was founded in 2008 by Dom and Toni. After a few months of jam sessions, they started to work on their own songs. Of course there was an indispensable need for a bassist and rhythm guitar. Viktor joined the band as man responsible for the pressure. Isochronicly with Chris (rhythm guitar), Lena became member of the band, giving the songs a symphonic touch by playing the keys. - So their collective Ideas let develop varied songs with lots of good influences. The last need was a band name, which was found in “Nordavind” for the present.

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Johnny Parry

Single Launch ‘God Loves Me’ released 30th March New Album ‘More Love and Death’ released 4th May On the 30th March 2009 Johnny Parry is releasing a free download single ‘God Loves Me’ from his forthcoming album, 'More Love and Death'. The single is being launched in tandem with an free download EP celebrating fives years of The Electroacoustic Club also featuring Soy Un Caballo & This Is The Kit.

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Two Bands (Greek Dark/Gothic Metal & Swedish opera/pop-duo)
Finnish Dj (Drum & Bass) 2006-present ELYSION were founded in 2006 by guitarist Johnny Zero & by singer Maxi Nil who, by welcoming on board talented musicians of different backgrounds, soon shaped up a highly promising team, with music approach consisting of many shades of atmospheric and metal elements mixed pop/rock formulas as well as alternative/electro and Gothic influences.

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Nazxul is a band from Sydney, Australia. The group was formed in 1993 by guitarist Adrian Henderson, keyboards player/guitarist Lachlan Mitchell, former Mortal Sin and Slaughter Lord drummer Steve Hughes and Dalibor Backovic on vocals and bass. A demo appeared the following year and with the addition of guitarist Greg Morelli from Sydney thrash band Grungeon. Nazxul began work on an album called Totem that was released in 1996. Originally envisioned as a mysterious studio-bound project, the group only appeared in publicity photos as shadowy figures or draped facelessly in cloaks.

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Twilight Laboratory

UK Based Alternative/ Rock/ Electro artist Twilight Laboratory (aka T-Lab).
Genre hopping Twilight Laboratory has a number of acclaimed releases including Debut Album 'Expressing Your Divide' and 'I'm Lost Within This'. With a number of soundtracks completed along with remixes for CellDweller, Harshrealm, Squarehead and others Twilight Laboratory is making a mark. Release are available on iTunes, amazon and emusic if you want to support the artist.

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Franco Battiato

Franco Battiato (born 1945 in Sicily, Italy) is an Italian singer-songwriter, composer, filmmaker and painter.
He is considered one of the most original personalities in music from the 1970s to now. Battiato's songs are dreamy, controversial collages of images and sensations, very experimental and convoluted, rich of esoteric, philosophical and East Asian religious themes. His collaborations (from 1994 onward) with the nihilistic-cynical philosopher Manlio Sgalambro have added further depth to his apparently nonsensical lyrics...

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Stuart Mitchell

Scottish pianist and composer Stuart Mitchell, currently lives and works in Edinburgh, Scotland. His most recent classical compositions have been inspired by his passion for subjects concerning nature and geometry.
In 2006, The Rosslyn Motet, was realized in collaboration with his father Thomas J Mitchell after 15 years of research and study of the symbolic carvings within the Rosslyn Chapel. This project attracted widespread media attention and brought his music to a worldwide audience.

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Maelstrom (Metal)

Maelstrom is a 5-piece metal band based in Glasgow. Their debut album "The Shores At Dawn" was released in 2008. Based on Tolkien mythologies, Maelstrom's music is a cacophony of dark melodies; combining traditional Black and Doom metal influences with melodic and progressive styles.

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