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Sam Chaplin

There are at least 2 artists sharing the name Sam Chaplin: i) Sam Chaplin is the multi-instrumentalist behind English bands Myles Power and Ultranol, predominantly playing guitar but also a master of the Stylophone. He also writes and produces his own music. ii) Sam Chaplin is a London based musician behind the jazz band Jazzbomb. To quote his biog on "Born a generation too late Sam is becoming known as an infectious performer and a charismatic band leader. His rich and smooth Sinatra vocals combined with real gospel fire make for an explosive show.

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There are 3 bands known by the name Bloodsport. 1) A Chicago punk band in the mid-80s.
2) A Christian hardcore band from Adelaide, Australia.
3) An ambiant and downtempo electronic artist.
4) A band from Sheffield, UK who play afrobeat mixed with post punk/noise rock, and who actually have a space in their name but hates them. 1)
Bloodsport was an important, albeit lesser known, Chicago punk band in the mid-80s.

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Adam Baker

There are two artists called Adam Baker. THE UK ADAM BAKER 1. In February 2006 Adam Baker released a CD selling 500 copies in about 8 months or so, which helped raise money for projects in Africa through Elim missions. From the release of the CD Adam began to gig regularly in venues like oasis in Belfast, pulse (washbasin), various church meetings and similar venues. Shortly after the release of Open Skies Adam’s tracks got airplay on U105 and some Internet radio stations.

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Distal is a DJ and producer from Atlanta, Georgia. He's founder of the label Embassy Recordings, producing a wide variety of bass music. His debut vinyl release was on soul jazz records alongside Mala, Coki and Ramadanman, and followed up with a release on SureFireSound. Distal plays in a variety of international scenes including the / community, as well as the scene. Soundcloud:
Embassy Recordings:

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King's X

King's X is an American hard rock / heavy metal band noted for its spiritual lyrics and sophisticated musical styles which include, but are not limited to, blues, progressive rock, grunge and psychedelic. The group traces its beginnings to 1980, when Doug Pinnick and Jerry Gaskill, who had previously met while recording and touring with Phil Keaggy and touring with the band Petra, recruited Ty Tabor to join them.

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