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There are at least 26 bands with the name Necrosis 1). Thrash Metal Band from Chile. Formed in 1985, is one of the pioneer thrash metal bands of that country, obviously something very uncommon for a country ruled by a dictatorship. Their first album was recorded and published in 1988, The search had aggresive and menacing riffs with a simple but deep voice with a clear message. They band split up in 1991 after Alfredo Peña’s suicide, they had a brief reunion in 1999 and they reformed the band again in 2001 for a second album called “Enslaved to the machine”...

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Hirax is an American band from Buena Park, California. Starting in 1984 under the leadership of vocalist Katon W. De Pena, the band played in Los Angeles and San Francisco with the other new thrash metal bands of the area such as Metallica, Exodus and Slayer. The band was a clear example of the thrash/speed metal/crossover genre. After releasing some demos, Hirax signed with Metal Blade and debuted with their first full-length, "Raging Violence" in 1985. The band was composed of Katon W. De Pena (vocals), Scott Owen (guitar), Gary Monardo (bass) and John Tabares (drums).

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1. Thrasher (Gareth de Wijk) is a Dutch drum 'n' bass DJ hailing from Rotterdam.
His style is best desribed as energetic, as he puts it himself. 2. The Thrasher - project was put together by an assortment of New York based musicians upon the instigation of Combat Records. Produced, directed and arranged by The Rods drummer Carl Canedy in partnership with Blue Cheer's guitarist Andy 'Duck' McDonald, the 'Burning At The Speed Of Light' album was issued in Britain through Music For Nations.

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There are currently 3 artists nostrificated under this name on last.fm. 1. Ranger is a indie-rock band formed in Indianapolis, IN in 2008. Current members are Stephanie Kincheloe and Derrick Royer. Known for catchy lyrical songs, Ranger offers a charm comparable to Feist Renowned songwriter Will Jennings and sound engineer Tim Wilson mentored Stephanie Kincheloe, the band's founder. In 2009, Ranger released a self-titled EP Ranger The album was mastered by engineer T.W. Walsh who is known for his work with David Bazan. Ranger has performed with Mike Gordon (of Phish) and Collective Soul

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There are multiple artists with the name Slain: 1)Slain are a black metal band from Manchester, UK, formed in 2006. Find out more about Slain at www.myspace.com/slainathisalter. Slain consists of:
Mike Collins - Vocals
Mike Sivvery - Guitar
Mike Harris - Drums
Dave Rowlands - Bass They draw heavy influence from black metal favorites Dissection, Carpathian Forest, Darkthrone, Dark Funeral and more. 2)suicidal black ambient (Portugal) homepage:

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Suicidal Angels

Suicidal Angels was formed by Nick in early 2001. The very first line-up consisted of Nick (guitar/vocals) and Kostas (bass) and the musical steps the band followed were in old school thrash metal (something that hasn’t and won’t change!). That can be heard in the first demo, "United by Hate" (July 2001). After rehearsals and some early line-up changes, the band welcomes Orfeas (drums). With this line-up (Nick – guitar / vocals, Kostas – bass, Orfeas – drums), Suicidal Angels record their second demo, "Angels' Sacrifice" (December 2003).

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Grave Digger

Grave Digger is a legendary German heavy metal band formed by Chris Boltendahl (vocals), Peter Masson (guitar), Willi Lackmann (bass guitar) and Albert Eckardt (drums) in 1980 in Gladbeck, a small town in Germany. Grave Digger's famed debut album "Heavy Metal Breakdown" in 1984 already produced some undying classics, such as the true Grave Digger anthem "Heavy Metal Breakdown" and the powerful ballad "Yesterday".

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Kraze may reffer to: 1) Kraze
Genre: Speed/Heavy/Power Metal
Country of origin: United States
Location: Reading, Pennsylvania
Year of creation: 1984
Status: Split-up
Last label: Iron Glory Records Discography
Demo /1985
2nd Demo/1986
3rd Demo/1987
4th Demo/1990
Devil In Disguise/CD/2002 Members:
Chris Langley/Bass
Gary Long/Drums
Tim Landis/Guitars
Cory Laity /Vocals and Guitars
Kip Fores/Bass or

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Early Man

Early Man is an old school style metal band, formed in 2003. The band is comprised of Mike Conte on guitar/vocals, Adam Bennati on drums and Pete Macy on guitar. They are originally from Columbus, Ohio. Early Man signed to Matador Records in 2003, releasing one EP "Early Man" and one full length "Closing In". Early Man signed to The End Records in 2008 and have since released the EP "Beware the Circling Fin".

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