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Prom Night, Gunfight

A 4 piece Post Hardcore band from Nottingham UK.
Dragging influences from Dance Gavin Dance and Four Letter Lie, the band are set to take on the scene in 2009 the band is made up from experienced members of disbanded local bands looking to bring something different to the table.
Danny Lynch-Guitar/Vocals
Rob Habgood-Guitar/Vocals
Tom Lowe-Bass
Sam Chenford-Drums.

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) An American melodic that appeared onto the music scene too late to make any sort of lasting impact.
The group was formed by brothers, and former Brunette band mates, Johnny (vocals) and Joey Gioeli (guitar). They recruited former Bad English members Neal Schon (guitar, best known for his work in Journey) and Deen Castronovo (drums). Ex Doro and David Lee Roth bassist Todd Jensen rounded out the band.

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Love/Hate is a hard rock band from the early 90's featuring Jizzy Pearl (L.A. Guns, Ratt, Adlers Appetite) on Vocals, jon E. Love on guitar, Joey Gold on Drums and Skid Rose on bass. Their debut album Blackout in the Red Room reached #154 on the billboard 200 in 1990. The video for the single "Why do you think they call it Dope?" received good rotation on MTV, chiefly on Headbanger's Ball. But by 1992's Wasted in America, heavy metal had become commercially passé and Columbia dropped them soon after its release.

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like what has been said before,
iamcyclist - is not the typical musical outlet. Many reasons to this, many of which are too complex and diverse to be wrote down in this ''bio-box.'' What you hear is not music. Music is artless. This is audio art, it's up on the walls of ears.
Audio art is for everyone, not just those who are financially blessed.

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Dirty Penny

Don’t call it an accident. The long-awaited second album from Dirty Penny is sitting on the boilerplate, bubbling over and itching to be unleashed on the eardrums of Rock N Roll fans across the globe. The mass following 'The Boys', (Binge Daniels on vocals, Jonny Prynce on guitar, Tyno Vincent on bass, and Spanky Savage on drums) have developed over the past three years is nothing short of amazing. It seems, to the ill informed, that the road-warrior, un relentless attitude, sleepless nights and booze-fueled mayhem has thrust Dirty Penny into the spotlight: on accident.

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It started in '94 I put an Ad in the Rock City News Singer looking for band. Tracii Michaels called me up and invited me to a party In N Hollywood at the Candy cane lane (later Rock Stars Kill) Warehouse. Violent Playground was playing. I made alot of great friends that night. Revlon Red, Heart Throb Mob, Darling Dead, The whole LA glam scene. A few days later Violent Playground joined forces with me and Karole Denning and we were off.

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