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John Harcus

Born and bred in Perth, Scotland, John Harcus is a founding member of PMX, a band who have toured extensively. He also lends his talents to fellow local band Dirtbox. John's solo work is , and to date has been a mixture of ///.

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The Plot In You

The Plot in You is a metalcore 5-piece originally starting as a side-project of former Before Their Eyes (Rise Records) guitarist/vocalist, Landon Tewers, quickly became his main focus. Forming in Findlay, OH after parting ways with BTE, a solid line-up for the band was formed and work on their debut EP was underway. "Wife Beater" (InVogue Records) was both heavy as well as haunting, where lyrically Tewers gives you a look inside the lives of people he has come into contact with over the years.

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1) Ophidian is Conrad Hoyer, a hardcore producer from Gelderland, Netherlands. Using keyboards and cassette recorders Conrad Hoyer started recording his first songs and mixes in 1993, 11 years old (born september first 1981) at the time. By 1995 hardcore music had become very infuential for the Dutch youth and he started using computer software to write hardcore songs. With the artists of the Ruffneck label as main lead he worked on perfecting his technique, specialising in fast, breakbeat-orriented juno-sound hardcore.

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This Century

Previously known as Evident Earth, This Century is a pop band from Tempe, Arizona, signed to Action Theory records. The members are Ryan Gose (drums), Joel Kanitz (vocals), Alex Silverman (bass), and Sean Silverman (guitar). Discography: 2007 EP
Look What We Made EP
No Way Out Digital Sampler
To Love and Back EP
Hopeful Romantic Sampler
Sound of Fire single
Sound of Fire
Kiss Me Like It's Christmas (acoustic) single
Acoustics EP
Bleach Blonde single

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Howlin' Circus

“Conjuring images of cattle ranching in the Summer, Howlin’ Circus combine raucous guitars with melodic vocals, tales of trepidation and unexpected harmonies. Shedding leaves on London’s Autumnal high it wasn’t until the Winter that the band formed, after co-writers Jamie Harper and Jafar Hassan brought forth their love for blues, rock ‘n’ roll and poetry. It is in this era of instant gratification that the band, completed soon after by the bass and drums of Charles Sanders and Ramy Kozman...

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Dean Mcphee

Dean McPhee is a solo electric guitarist who lives in West Yorkshire. He takes his inspiration from a broad range of influences - including Psychedelic and Post Rock, Mali Blues, Minimalism, Krautrock, British Folk, Bluegrass and Moroccan Trance. His highly percussive fingerstyle technique enables him to play bass notes and drones and to solo fluently at the same time. He has an experimental approach to his guitar sound, which incorporates decaying delay effects, shimmering tremelo and warm valve distortion and his guitar pieces often use unusual chords and tunings.

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There are two bands named Nightblade. (1) Nightblade, a thrash metal band from Northamptonshire, UK. (2) Nightblade, a hard rock band from the West Midlands, UK.
(1) Nightblade were formed in March 2007. Rising from the ashes of former band Equalisis, making use of what they had musically and personally they went on the search for a new guitarist and after trying and failing with two they found Aidan Jones, third time lucky! It wasn't long before they hit the local scene (only a month and a single practice later infact) to wide acclaim.

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Hard Rock Sofa

Hard Rock Sofa is a popular Russian duet famous all over the world. They are great DJs and producers whose tracks always blow up the dancefloors of clubs, fests and raves. Their unique sound and style achieved by hard work and outstanding talent keep conquering the hearts and souls of clubheads worldwide which results in releases on famous house music labels proving that Russian house music DOES exist.

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