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Team Turnip

Team Turnip is a musical endeavour based in Edinburgh. Its MO is simple: to create highly melodic songs, peppered with harmonies and saddled with caustic, bittersweet lyrics. Team Turnip has coined the phrase "sour-pop" to assist in the description of its output. More specifically it is a mix of indie-pop with elements of folk and chamber pop. The instruments used vary wildly and nothing is considered unusable. TT hopes you all enjoy.

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Outta Luck

Outta Luck is a band from the East Bay in California. The members of Outta Luck are all in high school, and have only played one show. The current members of Outta Luck are: Gabe Glarrow: vocals
Ryan Mackle: guitar
Danny Gonzalez: guitar
Clint Roach: bass
Ben Donlon: drums If you check them out and like them, hook them up with a show!

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Genres: Metal / Alternative Rock / Melodic Post-Hardcore
Label: Unsigned Artist Bio: 'Emcoil have been together only a short time but are showing the tell tale signs of their influences (Killswitch Engage, Incubus, Machine Head). These guys pull together a heavy yet melodic set, incorporating both mellow progressive rock and total mind destruction metal. Adding just a touch of electro and screamo to their style makes them impossible to ignore.' - feed me music

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Steve Thompson

Steve Thompson is an independent singer/songwriter and multi-instrumentalist currently based in western Pennsylvania. In late 2004, he released his debut - The Enigmatic Standard (EP). Thompson has since released three full albums - Allusions To A God, Score, and NoVA. Each release by Thompson has showcased a different sound in the music ranging from folk rock to electronica. His live band features Stephen Peck (ex-Zao) on drums, Dave Trinh (ex-States of Melba) on saxophone, and Tony Regola on bass.

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There are at least 2 artists with the name Elliot: 1. An american rock band
2. An experimental hip-hop producer Elliot is a five-piece rock band from the Pacific Northwest playing energetic, acoustic and melodic rock with a heart for social justice. With smooth, pop-influenced vocals, wide open electric guitars, rhythm pianos and soaring harmonies, Elliot's sound is modern and tasteful. Michael Summers, Casey Parnell, Corey Parnell and Nathan Walker were the founding members of what would later become Elliot.

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Free Spirit

1) They are a Boston Hardcore band featuring Gil Sayfan, and their sound would be comparable to the faster youth crew bands of the mid 80's like Straight Ahead NYC Mayhem and Youth of Today
2) Free Spirit are a melodic hard rock band from Finland. Stadium size choruses and big guitars are the key elements in their music, whose main influences come from 70’s and 80’s heavy metal and melodic hard rock bands. Their sound is at the same time familiar and yet seductively novel.

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1) Sadist is an Italian metal band.
2) Sadist is a Japanese doujin music producer who is affiliated with the Strawhat label. The beginning of SADIST takes us back to 1991, when guitarist and keyboards player Tommy and drummer Peso start auditioning musicians for a brand new project. These auditions lead to the first band

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Fire At Will

This southwest Virginia four-piece draws stylistic cues from mid-nineties punk mixed with ska, hardcore, and metal. Much like their musical influences, their lyrical content runs the gamut as well. Songs about zombies, video games, and daytime television hosts are mixed with songs about more serious topics. Fire At Will is musically unique, often amusing, and always entertaining.

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Hard Rock Sofa

Hard Rock Sofa is a popular Russian duet famous all over the world. They are great DJs and producers whose tracks always blow up the dancefloors of clubs, fests and raves. Their unique sound and style achieved by hard work and outstanding talent keep conquering the hearts and souls of clubheads worldwide which results in releases on famous house music labels proving that Russian house music DOES exist.

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