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Named for an island off Scotland's western coast, the group Iona was formed in the late '80s by vocalist Joanne Hogg and multi-instrumentalists David Fitzgerald and Dave Bainbridge. They are contemporaries of fellow Celtic artists Enya and Clannad; however, Iona's works are also influenced heavily by jazz-fusion, prog-rock and ancient Christian themes. For Iona's 1990 debut album, the band added: drummer Terl Bryant...

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A 'Fling' in Irish musical vernacular is a traditional dance type found in various part of the country especially Kerry, Mayo and Donegal. Often related to a Highland fling, the tune itself has a wild, rugged and restless sound to it denoting an intimate yet rural atmosphere. Fling is also the name of a four-piece band.
A group of articulate, accomplished musicians their interpretations of Irish traditional music and song is ensconced in their love and respect of Irish culture.

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Joseph Stalin

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The Gypsy Nomads

A dynamic amalgamation of on-stage chemistry, energy and musicality, New York duo, The Gypsy Nomads, also affectionately known as Frenchy and the Punk, channel the spirit of the gypsy sound, lacing it with a cabaret, celtic and neo-medieval flavor rooted in punk, folk and the vineyards of southern France. The Nomads perform with a wide range of bands at an equally wide range of venues all over the US; from outdoor festivals featuring the fantastical and mystickal with stilt walkers, jugglers and fire throwers...

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The Navigators

The Navigators is a Celtic band which formed in November 2000 and performs extensively within the province of Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. They have so far released one CD, "Dance and Sing", and won the MIANL Award for Roots/Traditional Group of the Year in 2002.

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Felpeyu creates powerful music that springs from Asturian folcloric roots and from its members' inspiration, and takes it into stage making audiences stand up and dance to it. They create new lyrics for ancient tunes, compose new music for traditional lyrics or arrange instrumental sets that are both energic and subtle. With three albums up to this date ("Felpeyu", "Tierra" and "Yá!"), Felpeyu has completely renewed its repertoire this year and is currently working in a new album, to be recorded in November.

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