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Screaming Martini

The name Screaming Martini makes a lot of people think of some sort of cocktail. Although this wasn't why the name was chosen, In many ways the band's a cocktail of many music genres. As with all cocktails there's a main ingredient and in this case thats pure rock music. Add in some punk rock, a sprinkle of funk and even some metal and serve with a side of catchy hooks and melodies that will get stuck in your head all day.

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There are at least two bands/artists with this name: 1) BLACKBIRDS is a hardcore/punk band from Michigan (although some members are from Canada). Their earlier material took cues from American Nightmare/Outbreak/97A but their new material is in the vein of His Hero Is Gone/Tragedy/etc. They are not broken up anymore and are back together with a new lineup, new releases soon, and are back touring. The hardcore band Blackbirds is not associated with blackdog records.

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Emergency Door Release

Built around the inspiration of many, EDR are setting new standards and expectations. The four piece indie pop rock band based in Newcastle-Upon Tyne have landed a host of performances and have
already been compared to bands such as The Smiths and The Police and don’t we know that’s a tall order? Damn right!.....but that won’t stop us trying...with catchy tunes, grooves and licks that raise the hairs on your neck you best bring a scarf... because you’re gonna shiver.

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Three piece scuzzy melodic grunge outfit from Glasgow, Scotland. Foxkillfox are regulars on the Glasgow and Edinburgh indie circuits and have a sound that draws influence from stalwarts such as dinosaur jr and the pixies. The vocals of Tom Hutchison retain a strong Scottish twang however, and help to create the band's unique sound.

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The Superjesus

Lead singer and main song-writer Sarah McLeod formed the band in late 1994 with guitarist (and her guitar teacher at the time) Chris Tennent, drummer Paul Berryman and bass player Stuart Rudd. They were originally called Hell's Kitchen before changing their name to The Superjesus on the eve of the 1994 Big Day Out in Adelaide. Says Paul Berryman of the name: "It was basically just a piss-take on commonly used words in the 90's.

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Matt Wright

There are currently two Matt Wrights producing music. 1. Matt Wright, turntablist and composer from Norwich. A sound artist at the edges of concert and club culture, he has recorded an album with Saxophonist Evan Parker and had his work presented in spaces such as the Sydney Opera House and the Tate Modern. 2. Matt Wright, singer/ song writer who has released albums such as 'Six Scars Later' and 'Darker Than Light' through his own self-run website.

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Harting are a young band based near Brighton, UK. After forming in early 2011, consisting of Fletcher, 16, Sam, 15 and Luke 16, the band have played in venues all over the South east, including Tubman - Hastings, De la Warr - Bexhill, The Greenhouse - Eastbourne, as well as many venues in Brighton. They released their first 2 track demo in mid 2012, consisting of 'Innocence', and 'Wired': The songs are filled with intricate melodies, up tempo beats with a dark-beach style twist. Harting will continue to write and start playing a vast line up of shows in the UK later on this year.

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