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There are two bands under this name: 1)A Finnish crust/hardcore punk band with dark atmosphere in lyrics and sound. Used to be called Speedapple in the late 1990's, before they changed their name to Unkind. UNKIND Discography:
s/t, mc ep on witchhunt
Who's the fucking terrorist, 7" on Fight records
split 7" with Police bastard on Fight records
Plant the seed, 10" on Fight records and Pathetique
split 7" with Sawn off on Pathetique
Mieliemme tuhkasta, 12"/cd/mc on yellow dog
Verinen ilotulitus, 7" on Fight Records

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There are 2 artists by this name in existence 1) Formed in late 2001 in the streets of Porto, FREEDOOM emerged as a new breath of true raw punk. With a few line up changes during the first year and a half, the band found its bloodied heart as a power trio formed by : Oscar (guitar lead vocals), Mumia Von Chaos (bass back vocals), Giró (drums & chaos)... FREEDOOM released 3 cds by our own label (puta punx disorganisation): "Freedoom" ..02 (sold out), "Still Remain...

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There are at least 6 bands called Monster: 1) ska-soul-punk band from Sweden
2) heavy/hard/thrash metal band from Brazil
3) Los Angeles-based indie-rock
4) HC band Mönster from Germany.
5) band from British Columbia, Canada.
6) Korean pop boy's band group called 몬스터
7) Swedish chiptune artist called MONSTER 1) Monster a ska-soul-punk band from Sweden that split up in 2000. They released two albums: "Rockers Delight" (1997), "Gone Gone Gone/A Bash Dem" (1999) and some EPs.

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Choking Victim

Choking Victim was an American band from 1992 to 1999, formed in New York City. The band became notable around "C-squat," in the Lower East Side of Manhattan, where they squatted and continue to inhabit and organize shows for their music, which blended with , and lyrics. They also became known for Satanic imagery and numerous references to the vagrant lifestyle, such as crack-smoking, shoplifting, and squatting. They also, like many other bands in the punk scene, have violent anti-police sentiments in their songs.

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Police Bastard

Police Bastard Current Line Up:- Stu-pid - Vocals (1994-1999) (2006-Present) (Contempt/English Dogs/Sensa Yuma)
Seano Porno - Guitar (2007-Present) (Jilted Generation/Depth Charge/Sensa Yuma/Dogshit Sandwich/Fatal Impact/Freebase/Set Against/Hardcore(That Became Mangled)/The Dangerfields)
Mark Badger - Guitar (2007-Present) (Last Under The Sun/Iron Man Records)
Chris Crass - Bass (1994-1997) (2007-Present)
Simon James - Drums (2008-Present) (Rivers Edge) Past Members:-
John Doom - Guitar/Vocals (1994-2003) (Doom/Sore Throat/Cain/Spineless/

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Filthpact are a grindcore band hailing from Aberdeen, Scotland, UK. Although they are self-described as: "Total Crust Violence". Early 2006 has seen the replacment of guitarist Ben Coombes. The new guitarist is from fellow Aberdeen based Death Metal band: Bonesaw. 2004
June - 6 track self titled CD.
October - split 7" with "Afterbirth" from Edinburgh. 2005
April - A second split 7" with Atomgevitter from Glasgow on Scottish label Problem Records.

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ACxDC stands for Antichrist Demoncore. The band was founded in 2003 by Sergio, Pablo, Jeff, and JC. Within 2 years of playing together they released the Jack Trippin' Demo, He Had it Comin' 7", and had 2 tracks on the Signs Of An Impending Doom Compilation. They quickly made their mark in the / scene by playing tons of wild shows all over Southern California. By 2005 the band had called it quits, but in the summer of 2006 they decided to have a reunion show with all original members for one night only.

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Bad Influence

There were at least 3 bands named BAD INFLUENCE: 1) a Hardcore Punk band from San Fransisco that released the Wars No Fun demo tape in 1983 2) another Hardcore Punk band, this time from Antwerp, Belgium. Formed in 1985. 3) UK blues band formed in 1986. DETAILS: Ad.2)
Bad Influence started in 1985 playing hardcore anarchopunk mainly uk influenced this resorted in a demo called "Together We Are Stronger Than They Think" and numerous other releases Fact

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