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The Sorrows

The Sorrows are considered perhaps to be the archetypal "Freakbeat" band. Formed in 1963 in Coventry, England, they released their first album "Take a Heart" in 1965 on the Piccadilly Records label which was a subsidiary of Pye Records. The Sorrows were at the time the hardest, most aggressive and contemporary R&B band of that time, although later this brand of music was eventually termed "Freakbeat".

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Big Kids

1) Big Kids are a band. They tour a lot and have new records coming out... Discography
Hoop Dreams (2010)
LP: Protagonist Music and Topshelf Records
CD: Pissart Records
Tape: Mountain Man Records to come...
Split 7" w/Koalacaust on Mountain Main (Jan '11)
Split 7" w/ Joyce Manor on Brick Gun and Solidarity (Jan '11)
7" EP on Topshelf 2) Big Kids was also a band formed in the late 80's in Greensboro, North Carolina and consisted of Britt Snuzz Uzzell, Jeff Carroll, and Eddie Walker.
Snuzz is a singer/songwriter and solo artist originally from Fayetteville, North Carolina.

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MOTO stands for Masters Of The Obvious. Pretty much it's Paul and whoever is playing with him at the time. Some people think Paul's lyrics are too dirty but most people think they are funny. MOTO write songs that are catchy. That's all that really matters. It all got started in the early 80's in New Orleans. But then Paul moved somewhere else. MOTO have released dozens of albums, some cassette only, some CDs, some are little vinyl discs like this one. You've probably never heard of MOTO. It's a good thing that now you know.

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The Posies

The Posies began as a set of informal home recordings by Jon Auer and Ken Stringfellow and eventually became a full-fledged band. Their mixture of literate, clever, melodic pop with hard-hitting guitars made them critics' darlings and college-radio favorites, although commercial success always eluded them.

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The Lambrettas

England in the summer of 1979 meant MOD, and it was then that the Lambrettas were formed near the south coast city of Brighton. The original members were: Jez Bird (vocals/guitar), Doug Sanders (guitar/vocals), Mark Ellis (bass), and Paul Wincer (drums). The band first performed on June 9, 1979, playing at an all-day Mod concert held in the ballroom at the end of Hastings pier. The band played various venues around England, then in August were spotted by Elton John’s Rocket Records label.

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1. Arrows were an English American band based in London, England. The group, which formed in 1974 and disbanded in 1977, included singer/bassist Alan Merrill, guitarist Jake Hooker and drummer Paul Varley. They had hit singles in 1974 and 1975 with "Touch Too Much",[1] "My Last Night With You" and "I Love Rock 'n' Roll," all produced by Mickie Most on RAK Records.[2] "I Love Rock 'n' Roll" was later covered by Joan Jett.[3]

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(1)Candice Hillebrand is a well known South African television personality, actress, model and now rocker. Candice started her music career in 2000 and her debut album Chasing Your Tomorrows was released in 2003. She is, perhaps, best known for her hit Hello although a couple of her songs - notably It's the Music - were big hits on regional and campus radio stations in South Africa. The lyrics of most of the songs on her album were self written and are surprisingly honest. Other songs were either written or co-written by Clive Young, Chrissie Amphlett and Shelly Peiken.

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Set It Off

There are multiple artists with this name:
1) Set It Off is a band from Tampa, Florida, formed in 2008. Members include: Cody Carson (vocals, guitar), Zach Dewall (guitar, vocals), Austin Kerr (bass, vocals), Maxx Danziger (drums) and Dan Clermont (synth, vocals). They're too awesome for words. Cody started the band after singing "Coffee Shop Soundtrack" on stage with All Time Low. 2) Set It Off are an alternative rock band from somewhere in Gloucestershire, England. They formed in late 2006 and have with funk and electronica influences.

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