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The Distractions

The band was originally formed in 1975 by college friends Mike Finney (vocals) and Steve Perrin (guitar),[1] alongside Lawrence Tickle (bass) and Tony Trap (drums).[2] The band changed tack with the advent of punk in 1977 and Finney and Perrin recruited a new line-up of Pip Nicholls (bass), Adrian Wright (guitar), and Alec Sidebottom (drums, formerly of The Purple Gang), now mixing punk rock with sixties influences.

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The Head

There are at least two bands with the name The Head, the first from the United States and the 2nd from Denmark. 1) The Head, an energetic rock band from Atlanta, formed in 2007, consisting of Jacob Morrell on lead guitar, Jack Shaw guitar and vocals, Mike Shaw on bass, keyboard, and vocals, and Rickie Brown on drums. 2) The Head is a electronic-project from Aarhus, Denmark. Mainly focusing on dubstep.
The members are Natal Zaks, Birk HGJ, Daniel Rothmann(T7) and Peter Z.'

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The Dogs

Five artists share this page: a 70s rock band, an indie band, a French power pop band, a Cave Pop project, and a 90s rap group. 1) The Dogs formed around 1969 in Lansing, Michigan, influenced by the MC5 and The Stooges, Amboy Dukes, Alice Cooper, they were all about playing with Marshall stacks real real loud. They moved to Los Angeles in '76 and became a fixture on the early LA punk scene. 2) The Dogs are an indie rock band based in Chicago, Illinois.

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Psyanide are a Heavy Metal band from Wellington, New Zealand. They are currently an unsigned band an are preparing to launch a demo soon. Members: Alistair - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Steven (Apollyon) - Bass Guitar
Matt - Drums

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This Providence

This Providence (previously known as Sunday Best), is a four piece band from Seattle, Washington US. The members of This Providence came together in the summer of 2001 and soon after recorded a 4 song demo CD, under the short lived name of "T minus 1." In 2003 they recorded the better known The Sunday Best EP, co-produced, and self-released (now out of print). While still in high school, they gathered a strong local following as well as some label attention. After graduating, the band released their debut full-length record, Our Worlds Divorce, produced by Casey Bates.

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Bernard Butler

Bernard Butler (born on 1 May 1970, in Stamford Hill, North London), is a musician and record producer. He first achieved fame in 1992 as the guitarist with Suede, at the time an instant phenomenon in UK pop music. He co-wrote and played on every track until 1994, when he left Suede over personal tensions within the band during the recording of their second album, Dog Man Star. Butler formed the duo McAlmont & Butler with David McAlmont. They released two singles, Yes and You Do. A compilation album, The Sound Of McAlmont And Butler, was released after the split.

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