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There are several bands named Infinity:
1) a Dutch black metal band.
2) a Norwegian dance act.
3) a Czech eurodance group.
4) a progressive psytrance artist from Greece.
5) a Croatian melodic death metal band.
6) an Israeli Prog Rock band.
7) a punk-rock band based in St. Augustine, FL
8) The first fusion jazz band of Thailand
9) Italian power metal band.
10) Russian pop band
11) Russian symponic metal band, changed their name to Lanewin
12) A Hungarian rave formation in the '90s.
13) A Nigerian Band

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There are at least 12 bands called Magnolia: 1) Female Country Duo. >
2) Romanian quality disco/pop band >
3) French trip-hop band that released "Intravenus".
4) New Zealand breakbeat/electronica/dub band.
5) Israeli post-rock/metal band.
6) Swedish rock band.
7) A Quebec band led by Melanie Auclair, cellist from Lhasa De Sela.
8) An italian screamo band from Torino's underground scene.
9) Japanese band led by Maiko Kishi (mai-Magnolia), Tsuru Onishi (g.), Toshiyuki Kasahara (b.), Kyoichi Shiino (dr.)

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Reset is the name of at least three totally different musical groups: one a Canadian punk band, one a Norwegian eurodance group, and a Japanese indie rock band. All three groups have tracks listed here, but the rest of this article is about the Canadian punk band. Reset was formed in 1995 in Montreal, Quebec. Originally the band members were Pierre Bouvier, Philippe Jolicoeur, Charles-André "Chuck" Comeau and Jean-Sébastien Boileau. Reset recorded a demo tape : Concerned, in 1995.

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It all started 3 years ago as a two-piece acoustic act, gigging small venues in and around the London area, but very quickly grew into a strong five piece with a clear and unique sound which created a large following with imidiate attention from press and backing from local radio stations. Based in Guildford they continue to do the London circuit having played at venues including: Water Rats, Camden Barfly, Dublin Castle, The Fly, The Jamm, Betsey Trotwood, Purple Turtle (Camden), Halfmoon, Pressure Point...

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There is more than one artist with this name: 1) When DJ and producer Stu Allan turned up at Media Records saying 'I've got an idea for a record' few could have foreseen that the idea would be the start of the career of one of the most successful pop-dance groups in the 90's -Clock. Why 'Clock'? When asked about the name Stu laughs 'Why not? You remember the name don't you?! That's the only reason - it could be anything really!' That first Clock single Holding On featured Media diva Ann-Marie Smith on vocals (as well as one of the following singles Whoomph There It Is...

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Sash! is a German DJ / producer team, fronted by Sascha Lappessen (born on 10 June 1970, in Nettetal, Germany), who works in the studio with Ralf Kappmeier and Thomas "Alisson" Lüdke. Sash! caused an unexpected stir in the music world when they became one of only a handful of dance acts that managed to sell millions of albums and singles thus becoming a huge commercial success at the end of the 1990's.

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Alex Bartlett

Alex Bartlett's real name is Fabio Carrara. Fabio Carrara aka Alex Bartlett started his career as dj, with his real name Fabietto, as resident dj in his home town Bergamo (Italy) in 1990, when he was very young.
Few years later thanks to his great ability, the experience as resident dj drove him to play in the top italian clubs such as Matis, Titanic, Cellophane, Gheodrome, Insomnia, Ultimo Impero, Duple', Cocorico' and many more...

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Gregory is a German dance project created and arranged by Dave Munke, Mystic Misty, Will Gregory and Akimo Gregory.
It featured Dave Munke and Kate Nelson.
Singles: "World Of Dreams".

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