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Filthy little secret

Filthy Little Secret are a 4 piece Shabaret band from Glasgow Scotland. Shab-a-ret [shab-a-ray]
noun 1. A unique celebration of good old, comic style sleaze.
2. Wonderfully ugly and rhythmic; “like a bicycle wheel made of shoes on sticks” Formed in 2005, members are Alastair Haggart (Haj) - Lead Vox/Guitar, Derek McElhinney (Del) - Lead Guitar/Vox, Colin Syme (Symey) - Bass, and Kyle Thunder - Drums/Vox.

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Lion Heart

A hard/glam rock band from Rio de Janeiro, Brazil established in 2003 with one recorded album (Coração de Leão) and one other on production. Lion Heart has been extensively touring brazilian grounds to promote their work.
Influenced by 80s hard rock bands like Poison, Warrant, Guns N' Roses, and many others, Lion Heart does a positive rock'n'roll, singing about their life in Rio de Janeiro: beach, women, party and love. Current formation: Thie - vocals Brandon Tavares - Guitars Tchello Orue - Bass Guitars

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Berlin Black And The Shades Of Grey

Berlin Black And The Shades Of Grey, a post-punk band formed by former Screaming Banshee Aircrew guitarist Chris Tuke. Described as "An elegant mix of post-punk, glam, goth and new-wave."
Signed to Trash Vogue Records in 2010 "Glitter, Glam and Rock 'n Roll is the only way to go" Current line up 2011:
Chris Tuke (Luxury Stranger)
Jo Violet (March Violets)
Alex King (The Sound Of Glass)
Thomas McLean

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Rattlesnake Remedy

“It's as if one of the biggest rock acts in the world has landed.” KKKKK Kerrang! Influenced by such rock ‘n’ roll legends as The Rolling Stones, Aerosmith, Led Zeppelin, Free, Pantera and Black Sabbath, with a more modern sound likened to Audioslave and Velvet Revolver, Rattlesnake Remedy are a hard rock band with a passion for playing live music. “This is proper English rock for proper rockers”

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Danger Danger

The quintet -- Ted Poley (vocals), Andy Timmons (guitar), Bruno Ravel (bass), Steve West (drums), and Kasey Smith (keyboards) Landed a deal with Epic in 1989. The same year saw the release of the group's self-titled debut, spawning the single/video "Naughty Naughty," which enjoyed a few airings on MTV's Headbanger's Ball program. The album failed to break the group through to the big time, but the group stuck to their guns and issued further albums: 1992's Screw It, 1995's Dawn, 1998's Four the Hard Way, and 2000's Return of the Great Gildersleeves.

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Blackstorm is a Melodic Black Metal band founded in 1998 in Phoenix, Arizona,USA. Their first album "Black Circle Crusades" released in 1999 and their "As Black as Thy Candles Burn" EP released in 2000. And... The members;
J. Animal Diamond - Vocals
Michael Wright - Lead guitar
John Hayden - Bass (Wrath of Wolves)
Ian wright - Drums and percussion
Victor Morell - Keyboards (Born of Fire (US), Psychic Pawn, Season of Pain)
D. Lynn McWilliams - Female Vocals

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Shakespear's Sister

Shakespear's Sister were pop/rock duo consisting of former Bananarama member Siobhan Fahey and (from 1989 - 1996) singer/songwriter/guitarist Marcella Detroit (real name Marcy Levy). Detroit had previously performed with Eric Clapton, released a solo album in 1982, and has since released more solo material as well as a blues album with the Marcy Levy Band. Fahey was born in Dublin, Ireland, and Detroit was born in Detroit, Michigan, USA, hence her stage name.

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Helen Love

Helen Love are an band from whose music is a combination of and . They were formed by the eponymous Helen Love who claims only to listen to the music of the Ramones, from which she draws inspiration for the band's music. Their music has been covered by the likes of Ash and Tullycraft. Current members are Helen, Sheena and Beth. Past members: Gary Strickland (guitar, 1997).

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There are two bands under the name of Come:
(1) An American indie rock band.
(2) A British experimental band founded by William Bennett, who would later go on to form the very influential band Whitehouse.
(1) Come was also an American indie rock band from 1990-2001. Come was formed in Boston, Massachusetts by Thalia Zedek (vocal, guitar), Chris Brokaw (guitar, vocal), Arthur Johnson (drums), and Sean O'Brien (bass).

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