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Bernard Butler

Bernard Butler (born on 1 May 1970, in Stamford Hill, North London), is a musician and record producer. He first achieved fame in 1992 as the guitarist with Suede, at the time an instant phenomenon in UK pop music. He co-wrote and played on every track until 1994, when he left Suede over personal tensions within the band during the recording of their second album, Dog Man Star. Butler formed the duo McAlmont & Butler with David McAlmont. They released two singles, Yes and You Do. A compilation album, The Sound Of McAlmont And Butler, was released after the split.

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Jacob Howard-Almond Lead Vocals/guitar
Caleb Howard-Almond Lead guitar/vocals
Matt Biggar Percussion
Jed Steward Bass We are a young exciting indie band, blending all that’s best in Britpop and guitar based rhythms always providing lots of energy and passion to our performances. With airtime and live performances for BBC Radio, KMFM and One Network’s Music Control, we have had lots of positive feedback.

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The Candy Twins

The Candy Twins are a four-piece indiepop/rock band from the London and Surrey area, formed in mid 2007. Their first label release is a five-track CD-r EP for Lostmusic Records (February 2009) including the download single, Good Friends. Their sound has been compared to The Wedding Present, Paul Weller, This Poison!, Edsel Auctioneer, Decoration, and Billy Bragg amongst others. Sounds XP described it as 'prime time 80s jangly indiepop.'

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1. Palace is one of the many names used at one point or another by Will Oldham. Palace came after he named himself Palace Brothers for the first LP, before Palace Music, and a few years before the world knew him as Bonnie 'Prince' Billy. According to Oldham, records released under the "Palace" moniker were usually recorded in the winter time, and feature some of his darkest, most challenging songs. See for bio, discog, and news.

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John Watts

John Watts is Fischer-Z's frontman and has also released some material under his own name. Another band he lead was The Cry (John Watts). John Watts is from a family of singers. He progressed through school and college bands inspired equally by the late 60s Trojan catalogue and great maverick artists, from Alex Harvey to Lou Reed, Captain Beefheart to Tom Waits and the ‘Hunky Dory’ David Bowie. Watts moved to the point where punk, art-wave and reggae crossed over.

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Grabbel and The Final Cut

Downloads on Bandcamp.
Join them on Facebook. Grabbel and The Final Cut are a / band originally active in the 1990s. They formed in their hometown Lüneburg, Germany in 1989 and consisted of band members Stefan Zachau (guitar, voice), Gernot Dornblüth (bass, voice), Sascha Kotzur (guitar, keyboard) and Christian Grabowski (drums), whose nickname “Grabbel” was an inspiration for the band’s name, obviously.

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Sideways Glance

'Sideways Glance is a 5 piece indie/pop band hailing from Worcester, England. Singer Paul got together with Mark and started writing songs together back in college days, this soon progressed into wanting a full band and, with a few line up changes, evolved into the perfect blend of musicians they are today. Paul's intelligent and often humourous lyrics, Matt’s unmistakable catchy riffs, soul inspired bass work from Winston, Marks acoustic rhythm guitar and Andy tieing it all in on the drums produces music of rare quality and originality.

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Menswe@r were a short-lived Britpop band in the mid 1990s from Camden in London. They signed their record deal after their fifth gig, appearing on the cover of Melody Maker (in an article about Camden club night Blow Up) before they had recorded a note. They were featured in a Select article about the mod revival when the project was still purely in the imaginations of Chris Gentry and Johnny Dean. Their dress sense was Mod (tight fitting suits etc) whilst their music was influenced by both Blur's second album Modern Life Is Rubbish and Elastica.

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