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"BUZZRADIO- A Liverpool band who specialize in captivating songs dealing with different everyday issues such as: politics; life relationships; friends; heartache; and what's going on in the world today! Their cool brand of edgy power pop and Joe Symes' powerful lead vocals are sure to please fans of The Doors, The Who, and The Beatles alike! Check out their debut EP, So Sad About Us! http://www.myspace.com/1buzzradio"

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No Name

There is more than one artist with this name:
1) NO NAME is a stand alone sub-group of the Japanese idol group AKB48.
AKB48 received their first television anime series entitled AKB0048. This anime series is directed by Yoshimasa Hiraike, and is planned and supervised by AKB48 producer Yasushi Akimoto 9 members of AKB48 and its sister groups were selected to voice the main anime characters after a public audition.

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Kettel is Reimer Eising (born 1982), a self-described "elixir-brewing, camping-loving and musicmaking sorcerer-to-be." He is well-known for his playful, spontaneous melodies and organic folk sounds similar to Aphex Twin, Jega, and Plaid. Kettel has frequently performed live in his home country of the Netherlands, including at the Virus festival in Eindhoven, the Dutch Electronic Arts Festival in Rotterdam, and at Eurosonic and Noorderzon in his home town of Groningen. He has also collaborated on several projects of various remixes and compilations on his many record labels.

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The Alpine

Like many other bands the members of The Alpine met in high school and started playing together in different groups. They formed the band Aroma which after a while and a change of line-up became The Alpine as we know it today. Living in Aalborg in the northern part of Denmark the band created the studio and rehearsal facilities called Quinten together with other young musicians from the city. Here they had their second home and gave birth to numerous recordings of their music.

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IMT Smile

IMT Smile is Slovak music group.
website: www.imtsmile.com
História skupiny Názov kapely je zložený z iniciálok Táslerovcov. Neskôr sa k nim pridal Mirov spolužiak z kozervatória, Peter Bič (gitara). Po niekoľkých koncertoch a nahratých skladbách sa skupina rozpadla. Svoje prvé demo nahrali Ivan s Mirom v roku 1993. Boli to nahrávky zhudobnených humorných textov Ľubomíra Feldeka. Na nahrávaní s Táslerovcami spolupracoval bubeník Martin Migaš. Niekoľko mesiacov nato sa Miro Tásler s Petrom Bičom znovu pokúsili o nahrávky dvoch Ivanom naspievaných skladieb.

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Er zijn meer bands met deze naam: 1) Messed Up is een nieuwe, jonge band uit Neede en omstreken, die zich bijna volledig richt op eigen werk. Fris uit de studio's met bijna megahit 'Lovefool' en 'Wake me up here.' Variërend in de leeftijd van 17 tot 23 jaar, maar allen nog zeer enthousiast en levendig op het podium, is Messed Up een op het eerste gezicht bij elkaar geschraapt bandje. Het tegendeel is echter waar: de verschillende muzikale voorkeuren van de bandleden hebben er juist aan bijgedragen dat Messed Up toegankelijk is voor vrijwel iedereen en elke gelegenheid!

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Thomas Datt

Thomas Datt has been slowly breaking through to the forefront of the world's trance scene since 2003. From his first remix release to his breakout hit 'Alone', he continues to produce an onslaught of the most emotive music going. He has done remixes for labels such as ASOT, ID&T, Vandit, Bostich, Adjusted, and Euphonic, lending them his trademark melodic and banging trance sound. Born in Kolberg (Kolobrzeg) Poland in 1983 and later moved to United States in 1992. Ever since Thomas was 15 years old he knew he wanted to entertain and express himself in some form of techno.

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