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Project Zero

Al sinds hij uit dat ene gat kwam gekropen, hield hij ervan om aan de knopjes te draaien. Dat gedraai aan die knopjes werd meer dan een passie, het werd een levensstijl. Een nieuwe dj was born. (Allemaal tegelijk: " Amen ")
Zijn naam en faam stijgde als een pas afschoten vuurpijl in showbizzland en al snel mocht hij gaan draaien op grote fuiven zoals: Orange fever , Building fever, Xmosfuif 2018, soiréé deluxe part 1 (in het zo grote jh de Haaijf), Urban dance party enzv. Met als hoogtepunt een gig in de enigste echt underground discotheque van heel limburg, de Versuz.

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There are two bands with the name Stealth and one selfpromoted dj. The first is one of the aliases of happy hardcore producer Nick Arnold, whose recordings as Bang! are more familiar to listeners. Stealth have appeared on Sy's Bonkers 6 Mix as well as Happy2BHardcore 4. The second is a 5 piece metalcore band from Whittier, California. Stealth started off as a 3 piece band with no vocals that consisted of Nik Ontiveros, Jimmy Saavedra, and Josh Parker. After a search for a vocalist initially failed, they decided to bring in Josh's brother, Jon Parker.

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The Kings

The Kings were formed in Vancouver, British Columbia and Oakville, Ontario, Canada. Original members were David Diamond, lead vocals, bass guitar and songwriter, Sonny Keyes, vocals, keyboards and songwriter, Max Styles, drums, and Mister Zero, guitar and songwriter. Visit for up to date information on The Kings.

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Morgan Geist

This New Jersey native was initially inspired by England's take on the sound of Detroit, but eventually tracked techno back to its Motor City innovators. When he began listening to music, however, it was the sound of early-'80s synth heroes like Devo, Severed Heads and New Order alongside early hiphop, jazz and 60's Hindi film soundtracks. Geist released his first 12" (via Dan Curtin's innovative Metamorphic label) while studying at Oberlin College in 1994.

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Andre Galluzzi

André Galluzzi was born in Frankfurt and raised in Wiesbaden, and today he lives in Berlin. He started DJing in 1990 in clubs such as Parkcafe (Wiesbaden) and Dorian Gray (Frankfurt). In 1992 he began to perform in Bunker (Berlin) and later on in Tresor (Berlin). Together with Paul Brtschitsch he founded the label Taksi in 1995. Galluzzi is a resident DJ at the Berghain in Berlin.

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