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The Quarry

The Quarry, from London Town play riff-tacular hardcore/thrash that will rock your tits off. Get on it. The Quarry comprises: Mark – Guitar
Matthew – Drums
Richard – Vocals & guitar
Simon – Bass

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Sworn Amongst

Sworn Amongst are a metal band from Kingston upon Hull, England. After the band's inception in September 2002 they made their first live appearance in May of 2004. Following on from this they finished second in the Snickers Unsigned competition of 2005 which was sponsored by Kerrang! magazine. June 2006 saw the departure of original singer Andy Napierski, who was subsequently replaced on vocals by co-founding member Liam Liddell. In turn, this saw the arrival of guitarist Harvey Fox.

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Imminent Psychosis

Greg - Lead Guitar
Bundy - Rhythm Guitar
Justin - Drums
Damo - Bass Imminent Psychosis began as a 5-piece Thrash/Death metal band from Adelaide. The band played their first gig in February 2003, and has played consistantly around Adelaide ever since. With over 35 gigs under their belt, and supporting some of Australias best metal acts, including Psycroptic, Alarum, Terrorust, Captain Cleanoff, Switchblade, Double Dragon, and Pathogen. Imminent Psychosis have toured interstate and are planning another in the very near future (watch out fuckers...)

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KEMAKIL was formed by Rob Durrant in 1988 and played a number of shows around Ipswich and Suffolk including a support slot with PAUL DIANNO’S BATTLEZONE and great shows with TARANIS(now FACEACHE-look ’em up) and OBLITERATION.The band split up in 1990 and after many local bands and projects over the last few years,KEMAKIL reformed in the form of Rob and Chris Stockdale.In the cold damp evenings of October 2007 tracks were recorded at Rob’s house on 8-track and in January 2008 AARON joined the band on drums.

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Militia is the name of at least 7 artists.
1) Militia is a Belgian industrial percussion band. It was founded in 1989 by the multi-instrumentalist Frank Gorissen and wind instrument player Jo Billen and now 6 musicians are involved. The band is known for its use of self made percussion and wind instruments and the scrap material they transform into musical instruments. The band's music is often inspired by the anarchic and atheist social views and their concirn about our natural environment, themes that can be found in most of their lyrics and statements.

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Scott (Vocals)
Patto (Guitar)
Mike (Guitar)
Lui (Bass)
Baz (Drums) Former Members:
Kris (Drums) (2008-2010)
Terry (Guitar) (2008-2009) Bludvera are a five piece New School Thrash Metal band from Liverpool, England. They were founded in winter 2008. Combining great inspiration from the ‘Bay Area’ and Teutonic Thrash movements, fast-paced shredding guitars and powerful vocals comparable to those of Thrash legends Kreator and Slayer, Bludvera have set out for domination over the UK Metal scene - aiming to restore its former glory and claim their place in the history of Thrash Metal.

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There are several bands/artists known as Demolition. (1) A Canadian hardcore punk band (2) A UK punk, (3) a Japanese Thrash Metal band and (4) an Irish American Hip-Hop duo made up of the MC Euyo & the DJ Drama. (1) Demolition are a Canadian band from Barrie, ON that play hardcore punk in the style of Altercation, Agnostic Front, and early Madball. They have released one demo and have members from the now broken up band, Planet Danger.
(2) UK Punk:

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