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Leaves' Eyes

Leaves' Eyes is a band with elements from Stavanger, Norway and Ludwigsburg, Germany. The band assembled in 2003, shortly before singer Liv Kristine was fired from Theatre of Tragedy. Leaves' Eyes currently consists of Liv Kristine (female vocals), Alexander Krull (male vocals, programming), Sander van der Meer (guitars), Thorsten Bauer (guitars/Bass), and Roland Navratil (drums & percussion). Former members include Martin Schmidt (drums, left in 2004), Chris Lukhaup (bass, left in 2007), and Moritz Neuner (drums, left in 2007).

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There are many bands under the name of Valhalla, 10 of them are metal. 1) The best known Valhalla hails from Petrozavodsk, Rusland and has released one album under the name of "Hail To The Fallen Majesty" in 2003. 2) There is another Valhalla originating from Bedfordshire in England from 1979 playing progressive metal. They had two national single releases on the NEAT records label, "Coming Home" and the double A sides of "Jack" and "Still in Love with You" together with tracks on the compilation album sponsored by the popular music paper SOUNDS.

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There are at least four artists called Corvus: 1) Hard Rock/Metal
Corvus, the group hailed from Glendale Arizona, and currently have 5 CD's released 2008: We All Fall Down
2009: An Affair With Tragedy
2010: Fragile Moments
2011: The Comfort of Home
2012: Never Forgive The first four albums follow a story, so it is rather a concept album Collection. Love, life, faith, and death. Their newest album as of 2012, Never Forgive, has a full sound ranging from clean vocals to harsh vocals. The guitar is thick as well as harmonious.

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Sonata Arctica

Sonata Arctica was formed in 1996 on the edge of the world, in the northern Finnish town of Kemi. Originally was formed as Tricky Beans, they released few demos and as they got the contract they had to change their name.
In 1999 the band recorded a new demo "FullMoon" in Tico Tico Studios located in their hometown, Kemi. At the time of recording the line-up consisted of: Tony (vocals/keys), Jani (guitars), Tommy (drums), and Janne (bass).

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Le Monnier

Le Monnier are a cutting-edge metal band from Hertfordshire - a female fronted, power trio. Exquisite song writing makes clear sense of an exciting fusion of rock aggression and pop melodic hooks. 'No Power? Actually quite the opposite, their time is nigh!' In 2005, Jersey-born singer and bassist Alex Le Monnier set out to find musicians that wanted the same as her; to play live, make records and travel. Later that year she met Matt Keil, a pianist and guitarist whose classical training would add a new musical tilt to the bands style.

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1. Denise Katrina Matthews (born January 4, 1959), better known as Vanity but sometimes credited as Denise Matthews-Smith or D.D. Winters, is a Canadian-born singer, songwriter, dancer, actress, model, and full-time preacher. She was the lead singer for the Prince-mentored female trio Vanity 6, which recorded the 1982 R&B hit "Nasty Girl". Matthews formally gave up her stage name "Vanity" and became a born-again Christian in 1994, the year she almost died from the effects of snorting cocaine.

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