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Jodie Steele

Jodie is a 18 year old singer from Basingstoke, Hampshire. Jodie is a very outgoing, socially popular individual who takes pride in all that she does with her main goal being achieving her dreams, and despite always being there for friends and making time for the people she cares for, she never forgets her goal or fails to impress people and continuously works towards her future by attending a range of dance classes, singing tuition, basic piano lessons and spends her (very limited) free time working with local rappers creating and writing new material.

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The James Hunter Six

The James Hunter Six are James Hunter, Lee Badau (baritone saxophone), Damian Hand (tenor saxophone), Jonathan Lee (drums), Jason Wilson (double bass), and Kyle Koehler and Andrew Kingslow sharing keyboard/piano duties. The Six have hung together through multiple albums and more than two decades of international touring, from small clubs to the Hollywood Bowl – developing a cohesion and intuitive knack for creating precisely the right arrangement and feel for James’ original songs.

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Tunde Baiyewu

Tunde Baiyewu born Babatunde Emanuel Baiyewu, 25 November 1968 is a British singer of Nigerian descent and is a member of the easy listening duo, Lighthouse Family. In 2004 he embarked on a solo career, releasing the album, Tunde and released his second album in 2013: Diamond in a Rock.
Diamond In A Rock In 2013 Tunde announced plans for a second solo album titled: Diamond In A Rock and first single from the album "Move" - both released on 4 March 2013.

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MC Sniper

Recording artist and founder of underground hip-hop crew Buddha Baby, MC Sniper is considered a controversial and influential musician in South Korea. He Debuted in 2002 with the album "So Sniper..." and immediately became recognized for acrid lyrics that challenged economic, governmental, and societal conditions. His backdrop: a powerful mixture of hip-hop and traditional Korean music. He is credited with discovering and producing 배치기 (Baechigi), a hip-hop group whose popularity is now exponentially increasing.

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Eyedress is the solo project of Idris Vicuña, lead guitarist of lo-fi, garage pop outfit, Bee Eyes. A mix of slow beats, sauntering synths, and washed out vocals, Eyedress produces songs inspired by new wave, Super Nintendo, mistrust, loss, and psychedelic drugs. More about him on: - https://twitter.com/eyedres
- http://numberlinerecords.com/artists/eyedress-ap

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Andrea Martin

There is more than one singer to go by the name Andrea Martin: 1) Andrea Martin is primarially known as a songwriter and producer for famous artists like Toni Braxton, Monica, En Vogue, The Braxtons, Leela James, Leona Lewis and Jordin Sparks. She has released one album of her own (The Best Of Me, 1998) as well as a few singles. She appears as back-up vocal on many albums. Some of her biggest hits as a producer include Better In Time (Leona Lewis), Don't Let Go (Love) (En Vogue) and Breathe (Blu Cantrell).

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