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Pogodi started back in 2011 with Tal on bass and Villa on guitar, we met up at Number1 squat in Leeds on a Monday and persuaded RyRy to bang some drums with us all squished up in his bedroom making way too much noise for the windows to handle! We didn’t leave the house for 5 days and on Friday we played our first little gig in Leeds, we played 1 more gig the next week and then we all flew away adventuring.

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There are multiple artists with the name "Dirt". 1 - a UK punk band formed in 1980
2 - a Russian Death grind hand
3 - a hip hop performer from the united states
4 - noise-rock band from Atlanta, Georgia, USA 1; DIRT are an anarcho-punk band from the UK. Initially forming in 1980, the band frequently played with fellow anarchists Crass, before releasing their first EP, "Object, Refuse, Reject, Abuse" on the Crass Records label. Their second release, Never Mind DIRT, Here's the Bollocks, also on the Crass label, was a live LP released in 1982.

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A traditional anarcho-punkband from Finland myspace:
* 1981 – Nineteeneightyone - ist das künstlerische Alter Ego des Wiener Musikers Pieter Gabriel. Unter diesem Namen spielt(e) er seine Musik mit diversen MitmusikerInnen auch live, unter anderem bei einer Studio 2 Session von Radio FM4 im April 2008. * „City Of Last Things“ (unveröffentlicht) ist das Debütalbum von 1981. Produziert von Herwig Zamernik (Naked Lunch, Fuzzman) in dessen Fuzzroom in Klagenfurt. Der Veröffentlichungstermin ist noch unbekannt.

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Burning Times

There are 3 or more bands called Burning Times. 1) Burning Times is a three piece hardcore punk band from Brighton, England. Together for only a year and a half initially, between early 2007 to mid 2008, they released two 7" EP's and a cd-r demo (Nuclear Family War EP on Tadpole Records, The End Is The Beginning Is The End Is The Beginning....EP on Tadpole Records/Parade of Spectres/Keep Screaming/This One's For The Crew/Burning Times). With Matt's return from Australia in 2012, the band have resumed playing and are writing material for a new 7".

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Underclass arose from a nameless project in the 1980's featuring various N'am locals in rehearsals and Sunday Jams. The songs were worked on and constructed in a full on chaotic and riotous teenage lifestyle. 20 years later, after big life changes the songs were dusted down, re-arranged and recorded at any spare moment as a studio project. The songs stand out as a mature Street Rock n' Roll boost of surpressed anger, with a nod a wink to all our influences from 80's Punk and Rock.

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There are six bands called Dirge : 1. Dirge is a French band formed in 1994 in Paris, France. From the genre that exploded in the first part of the 90s, the band slowly evolved toward a more atmospheric and progressive form of metal, related to bands such as Neurosis, Isis, and Cult of Luna. The original band members were Marc T. (guitars, programming) and Laurent P. (vocals, programming). In the genre of bands like Godflesh and Pitchshifter, the duo's music was a hybrid of corrosive guitars, robotic hammerings, and scratching samples.

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