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Love L.U.V.

Love L.U.V. is a garage / psychedelic / rock band formed in London, UK in 2012. Members Lucy Doyle - Vocals; Tommy Atkins - Guitar; Steve Quigley - Drums; Jessica Turner - Keys. Love L.U.V. Links:

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Piper Saint

Piper Saint
Piper Saint are a young and enthusiastic three-piece punk rock band of tattooed misfits based in Camden, North London. RCA Demos: "Piper Saint should satisfy those of you who like their grungy punk to have a nice polish production-wise, have a listen to Please Dont. Female fronted with a couple of stomping tracks in there. Stong, uninhibted vocal with a really tight band." Piper Saint started in Summer of 2005, with Uxia, Mat and with Daniel as the bass player in the early days. In November 2006 Big Lee join the band.

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Nemesea is a band founded by vocalist Manda Ophuis and guitarist Hendrik Jan de Jong in September 2002 in Groningen, The Netherlands. The band currently consists of Manda Ophuis (vocals), Hendrik Jan de Jong (guitars), Sonny Onderwater (bass), Lasse Delbrugge (keyboards) and Steven Bouma (drums). In April 2003 the band had their first performance as support act for After Forever, and remained that band's support for a year.

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The Wild are a Female fronted rock band from London, formed in 2009. Their music influence is taken from many classic rock bands such as AC/DC, The Cult, Blondie and many more. The current lineup consists of Natalie Mcqueen (Vocals), Aaron Umhoefer (Guitar), Billy Dukelow (Drums), Tommy Williams (Bass) and Martin Dukelow (Guitar). The band are setting off on their first UK tour playing the Give It A Name Introduces Tour which takes place April/May. Check them out on these dates:
26 Apr 2010 Sugarmill - Stoke

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Lily & Madeleine

Nobody expected Lily & Madeleine’s first original song, “In the Middle,” to rack up a quarter of a million YouTube views. The Internet is obsessed with what’s new and what’s next, the fads and memes of viral culture, and so it would have to seem a little incongruous for social networks and content aggregators to embrace gimmick-free, black-and-white footage of an unplugged duo crooning a bittersweet and understated melody.

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System Divide

System Divide is a band. Founded in Israel and Belgium in 2008, SYSTEM DIVIDE quickly became a transnational project with in its rank vocalists Sven De Caluwe (Aborted) and Miri Milman (ex-Distorted), longtime friends Cole Martinez (ex Years of Fire, Antenora), Andrew Lenthe (Antenora), and Mike Heller (Malignancy).
SYSTEM DIVIDE set out to revolutionize the conventions of the over-saturated melodic death metal genre, proving that extreme metal can have more depth than blast beats, while female vocals do not have to conform to the precepts of the “Goth” genre.

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There are at least three artists by this name:
1) A / / band from England.
2) An old school band from Sweden.
3) A band from Italy. 1) The British Sacrilege was a female-fronted metal band from the Midlands region of England. Despite having played relatively few gigs during their existence, Sacrilege is today recognised as an important band...

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Go Sailor

Go Sailor was a short-lived Berkeley based twee pop band. Its members included Rose Melberg of Tiger Trap and The Softies (guitar, vocals), Paul Curran of Crimpshrine (bass) and Amy Linton of Henry's Dress (drums). They recorded three 7" singles and a full-length CD on Lookout! Records in 1996, the latter of which collected the singles tracks and two compilation appearances. After their breakup their songs "Ray of Sunshine" and "Together Forever in Love" were included on the soundtrack to the movie But I'm a Cheerleader.

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