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There are several bands that share the name Fenrir: [1] A Celtic folk metal band from Nancy, France. Their official weblog can be found here. Their Myspace page can be found here. Their album, entitled "Whispers from the Old World," can be downloaded from Jamendo. [2] A melodic death metal band from Granollers, Spain. More information on this band can be found on their Myspace page here. [3] An RAC/Oi band.

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Gone til Winter

Gone Til Winter are a female fronted band from Manchester, England with the intent to re-write the book on what a female-fronted metal band should be. Cast aside your assumptions - Gone Til Winter stand aside from the plethora of bands associated with the typical goth-metal sound - offering Soilwork style riffs mixed with NWOBHM classic grooves and nu-goth atmospherics, Gone Til Winter stand proud as a band who are unwilling to take refuge among similar sounding acts.

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Helen Love

Helen Love are an band from whose music is a combination of and . They were formed by the eponymous Helen Love who claims only to listen to the music of the Ramones, from which she draws inspiration for the band's music. Their music has been covered by the likes of Ash and Tullycraft. Current members are Helen, Sheena and Beth. Past members: Gary Strickland (guitar, 1997).

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Love L.U.V.

Love L.U.V. is a garage / psychedelic / rock band formed in London, UK in 2012. Members Lucy Doyle - Vocals; Tommy Atkins - Guitar; Steve Quigley - Drums; Jessica Turner - Keys. Love L.U.V. Links:

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Joan Jett

Joan Jett (born Joan Marie Larkin on September 22, 1958 in Wynnewood, Pennsylvania) is an American rock singer and guitarist. She was the guitarist for the rock group The Runaways from 1975 to 1979, after which she released two solo albums - 1980's "Joan Jett" and 1981's "Bad Reputation" - before forming her own group, Joan Jett and the Blackhearts. "The Hit List" (1990), a covers album recorded by Joan Jett and The Blackhearts, was labeled as being by Jett alone.

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Hybrid Trend

Hybrid Trend are an alternative rock band from Leicester, United Kingdom. With a variety of influences ranging from Billy Talent to Dream Theater, to Muse and the Foo-Fighters, the band offers a blend of the soft, melodic vibes of alternative rock with the power and ferocity of heavy metal. The band, formed by students at the University of Leicester, have been together since September 2009, with ...a few lineup changes along the way. the band released their debut EP, recorded by Philip Wilbraham of A Thousand Enemies, in May 2011.

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The Reactors

There is more than 1 band called The Reactors: 1. The Reactors first formed in 1978. They played their own brand of fast, raw, and desperate punk rock in the unlikely urban city of San Bernardino, CA. The Reactors existed from 1978 until 1982. During that time they released one 7" EP and one 12" LP on their own Nuclear Waste Records label. Believeing in the D.I.Y. spirit of the times, they did everything for themselves. The members and their close friends all took different jobs in order to further their goals. Some took photos, created artwork, did layout, produced the recordings, etc.

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Chase Long Beach

Chase Long Beach, a Long Beach, California, ska-punk band, was formed in 2002 with Karen Roberts on vocals, Patt Fitzgerald on bass, and Ryan Sandoval on guitar. The band went through several members and played constant local shows in bars and clubs, but didn't achieve much commercial success. Eventually the band reformed itself in order to take a more serious direction, picking up Dustin Feldt and Ryan "Grandpa" Humphrey on trombone, Jimmy Finch on keyboards, Tristan Dolce on trumpet, Russell Feldt on lead guitar, and Jarod Freeman on drums.

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