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Waze & Odyssey

Waze & Odyssey rolled onto the scene in early 2012 with their debut release "Ah Baby (Here We Go Again)" EP on Petfood Recordings. Their sound could be described as MK meets Todd Terry meets the spirit of Tony Humphries at Zanzibar Club and it's a sound that has caused quite a stir with tastemakers across the board, with the likes of Lazaro Casanova, Friendly Fires, Bicep and Danny Daze all bigging them up.

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The Gories

Trashy bass-less Detroit garage punk/punk blues band formed in 1986 by Mick Collins [vocals, guitar] (currently of The Dirtbombs fame), Margaret Ann O'Neill , and Dan Kroha [vocals, guitar] (now with the Demolition Doll Rods). The band released 3 LPs and several 7 inch singles. They disbanded in 1993 and have been named an important influence on several garage rock bands, such as The White Stripes. Collins went on to form Blacktop and, as aforementioned, The Dirtbombs.

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No shelter

Four piece hardcore band from Perth W.A, featuring ex members of Standfast, The consequence, Miles away, Battletruk. For fans of punching holes in walls and ultra hard footstomps whilst at shows, in supermarket aisles, on stage or during cooking various vegan foodstuffs

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Charles Hurts

Charles Hurts is a 3-piece formed November 2010 in Belfast. Follow them on facebook at: They play post-un-pop (post-unpopular) music, drawing inspiration from such 60's and 80's acts as the Fall, Orange Juice, the Beatles etc. Charles Hurts have a mini-album available released by and have also been featured on a sampler from Tough Love Records which is free to download here:

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the title 'Thirteen' is used by a couple of artists: 1) Thirteen is a four-piece vicious rock and roll band, mixing elements of garage, blues, rock`n´roll and hardrock. (see below for main biography) 2) Thirteen is a post-hardcore sounded band from Jakarta, Indonesia. they released their first album (It's All About Party Music And Friendship) in 2008, and get well-known after the album released. They call their fans as The Thirteen Army.

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Mary Ocher

There used to be a time when musicians were not afraid to dare. Ocher is a proud bright link in that chain. new instruments, styles, trials. Born Mariya Ocheretianskaya in Moscow, former Soviet Union in 1986, grew up in Tel Aviv, currently resides in Berlin.
Has recorded "War songs" in early 2009 at home and re-recorded the very same album for the Berlin based label Haute Areal in 2010. it was released on March 11th 2011.

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What do you think of when you hear the name "PowerSolo"? 'Round Denmark way, the moniker apparently conjures the trash-rock psychobilly legacy of Hasil Adkins, the Cramps, and Southern Culture on the Skids. Powersolo may be a power trio, but in this case, the prog-metal acrobatics of rush are replaced with something they call "donkey punk." Two tremolo-loving chicken-scratch, rail-thin guitarists Kim Kix and Atomic Child. And drummer J.C.

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