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Panel Van Halen

3 blokes from melbourne, old enough to know better but to young to stop. impure rock fury, been practicing for years and from the sounds of it need a couple more.... songs about cars, sheds, motorbikes, shouting at your kids/ being shouted at by your kids, riding motorbikes, being drunk, shit jobs, being hungover and a few sad songs about not being drunk... this is the soundtrack to coming home at 3am and tripping over the couch. Their name has recently changed to Evil Ways

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The Supersonics

There are at least two bands called The Supersonics: [1] The Supersonics was a 60s Trojan Ska band, most famous for the single "Second Fiddle", which was included on the "Trojan Story" box set. [2] The Supersonics is a rock band from Kolkata, West Bengal, India. Ugly, dirty and ultra-talented, The Supersonics crashed the Calcutta music scene with a high voltage performance at a crowded little bar called Someplace Else.

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After some experiences with surf music, and then playing alone in various musical genres with bands like Catchers, Hero X'S, the pitiless Looch Vibrato made use of his crazy talents ,(not lacking in vice), to corrupt innocent creatures,his weapon of choice being rock'n'roll. He captured his prey- Aggy Sonora in 1998. But the innocent charm of Miss Sonora quickly lets her appear as a Queen of the Bad Beat and the primitive concerts of the years 1950-60. Out of this unhealthy magic from The Magnetix (Looch Vibrato, Guitar /Aggy Sonora, drums) will come a new expression - " Rock Monster".

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Four Spirits

Four Spirits are a concept that has been waiting in the wings and are the aftermath of a handful of band's (Tawn, State Britain & Poor Frankie) now beginning to see things clearly and all singing from the same songbook. A more matured approach to songwriting has come about and passion for rock and roll! Four Spirits are Charlie Austwick taking role of singer/guitarist and general frontman swagger, Alex Aldridge on lead guitar melodically taking you to another world, James Hobday on bass guitar driving the undertones alongside Jake Whateley on drums beating the ryhthm unto a Viking invasion.

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Kill The Dandies!

KILL THE DANDIES! were started by two main Nihilists (of the former international fame of Moimir Papalescu & The Nihilsts), La Petite Sonja /voc., keyb., synth./ and Hank J. Manchini /voc., guit./ with an old-school-punk-rock guitarist Richard Fischer (also of Take Death). The trio was joined by hammering drummer Vratislav Placheta (Green Monster and also of The Nihilists) and a heavy-duty bass man Martin Růžička of the The Ritchie Success.

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White Fang

White Fang is four lifelong friends (Erik Gage, Kyle Handley, Jimmy Leslie, Chris Uehlein). Formed in Portland, OR in 2005 while still in high school, first as a recording band, then as a folk band, then as a punk band, then as a noise band, then as a punk band again. There used to be a lot of people in the band, rotating on a undefined lineup, including past, present and future members of Boom! and Typhoon.

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