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Jeremy Sylvester

Jeremy Sylvester is a highly influential and prolific and producer. As well as his famed solo work, he claims a huge backlist of remixes and has been a regular collaborator with many established dance producers. He also previously dabbled in / production in the early 1990s before his more permanent venture into mid-tempo dance music. Jeremy is known almost as well for the number of aliases he uses as he is for the quality of his output. In alphabetical order, the following is a list of known pseudonyms he has assumed to release tracks:

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Alex Gaudino

Alex Gaudino begins his adventure in 1993 in the music business at the famous Flying Records and UMM;
In 1998 with the support of Giacomo Maiolini, owner of Time Records, Alex founds Rise Records, which soon becomes one of the most respected European labels, signing hit records like The Tamperer and Black Legend (Alex is the only Italian A&R who had two # 1 in the UK sales chart ) and the super -hit of Robbie RiveraBang”, which allowed him in 2000 to get the nomination as best European A&R at the European Music Awards in London.

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Soul Avengerz

Paul Gardner and Wayne OConnell are no newcomers to the industry, being an integral part of the London house scene for over a decade now. But it is only recently that the guys have garnered the long overdue, and much deserved, worldwide recognition they have been striving for. In todays climate most artists carve out a production profile before proving themselves as DJ’s. It is this that often leads to most artists productions being more dance floor orientated the more experienced they become, as they gain that all important first hand knowledge of what it takes to rock a packed dance floor.

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Richard Grey

Real Name: Richard Jacquin
Profile: Richard Grey is a DJ & Producer. He contributed to the world success of the “French Touch” at 28 years. His discography which forces the respect.
With an early love of music, heavily influenced by his father’s record collection, Richard grew up on classic Jazz, Funk and Disco acts such as George Duke, The Crusaders and Chic.
Soon, he finally began to record solo in ’99 with 'I Need You' on France’s Cyber Productions. This came to the attention of Erick Morillo who immediately picked up the highly successful 'Deep Down' for Subliminal.

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Dennis Christopher

Dennis Christopher is dj/producer and one half of the duo behind projects like Rockefeller, Beatfreakz, Steve Farris, White Man Don't Funk. Ever since he discovered the groove records of his dad at age 5, he knew he was on to something. When the 80’s sounds hit his radio speakers Dennis Christopher was in love with the synthesizer sound. He set out to combine everything he knew and started his voyage into the unknown.....

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Muldoon's Picnic

Folk/world group based in Glasgow since 2000. Lineup varies between four and six singers. Wide range of styles specialising in , , () and other , often in original four- or five-part arrangements. Described as "compelling listening", "very accomplished, very loud and very international in their repertoire", "very talented and technically superb young group who deserve much more attention".

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Rhythm Plate

Rhythm Plate consist of Ant Plate and Matt Rhythm, two friends who met at school through a mutual love of shoplifting and warm real ale. plate constantly varies in age and rhythm gets younger by the day. hailing from the beautifully backward peak district town of matlock, in derbyshire, they began recording their efforts on a borrowed 8-track tape player down in the local bus station. early attempts at pop stardom however were hampered by the duo's crippling tourette's syndrome.

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